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Dispensing Steam/making Cappuccino; Cleaning And Maintenance - Gaggia 740903008 Operating Instructions Manual

Gaggia espresso machine operating instructions.
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• Before dispensing hot water, make sure that the
green temperature ready light (24) remains lit.
When the machine is ready to dispense coffee,
proceed as follows:
• Place and cup and/or a receptacle beneath the hot
water/steam tube (15).
Turn the knob (17) counter-clockwise.
• Dispense the desired amount of hot water; turn the
knob (17) clockwise to cut off the flow of hot water.
The machine returns to normal operating mode.
The steam may be used to froth milk for cappuccino
and to heat other beverages.
Danger of scalding! Dispensing may be
preceded by brief sprays of hot water. The
dispensing tube can reach very high temperatures:
avoid touching it directly with your hands.
• When the machine is ready to dispense coffee,
press the button (27). The machine requires pre-
• Before dispensing steam, make sure that the green
temperature ready light (28) remains lit.
• Position the steam tube (15) over the drip tray and
open the "hot water/steam" knob (17) for a few
seconds to discharge residual water from the steam
tube; soon only steam will issue from the tube.
• Close the knob (17).
• Fill the receptacle you want to use for making
cappuccino 1/3 of the way with cold milk.
To ensure best results when making
cappuccino, make sure both the milk and
receptacle are cold.
Place the tip of the steam tube in the milk to
be heated and open the knob (17); slowly raise
the receptacle, with gentle rotating movements, to
obtain an even layer of foam.
• After dispensing the amount of steam desired, close
the knob (17).
• The same procedure may be used to heat other
After this operation, wipe the steam tube clean with
a damp cloth.
9.1 Switching from steam to coffee
• To dispense coffee you must press the but-
ton (27).
• When switching from dispensing steam to dis-
pensing coffee, the pilot lights (24) and (28) flash
simultaneously to indicate that the machine is
overheated and cannot dispense coffee.
• In order to dispense coffee, you must drain some
water by turning the steam knob (17) until only
the temperature ready pilot light (24) remains
steadily lit.


Basic cleaning
• Maintenance and cleaning may be carried out only
when the machine is cold and disconnected from
the power supply.
• Do not immerge the machine in water and do not
place any of its components in a dishwasher.
• Do not use alcohol, solvents and/or aggressive
chemical products for cleaning.
It is recommended that you clean the water
container daily:
- Remove the filter (C) located inside the container,
and rinse with clean drinking water.
- Return the filter (C) to its slot, pressing gently
while turning slightly.
- Fill the container with fresh drinking water.
Any water left in the tank for several days
should not be consumed. Wash the tank
and fill it with fresh drinking water.
Use the brush provided to clean the ground coffee
dispenser daily when in use:
• Use a soft cloth moistened with water to clean the


Table of Contents

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