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Coffee Grinder; Dose Adjustment - Gaggia 740903008 Operating Instructions Manual

Gaggia espresso machine operating instructions.
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Table of Contents
Take off the lid (2) and fill the container with
coffee beans (1).
Fit the lid of the coffee container (1) back
into place. Ground or freeze-dried coffee or
any other objects will damage the machine.
• Replace the lid (2) on the coffee container (1).
• Insert the plug (11) into a suitable outlet.
• The power switch (7) is set to -0-. Simply press the
button (7) to turn on the machine; the green pilot
light (29) will go on.
To load the circuit, position the steam
tube (15) over the drip tray. Turn the knob (17)
counterclockwise and wait until water flows out
smoothly from the steam tube; to cut off flow, turn
the knob (17) clockwise.
Note: Before starting up for the first time,
if the machine has been inoperative for a
lengthy period or the water container has been
completely emptied, it is advisable to load the
• Once you have completed the above operations,
the machine is ready for use.
• Carefully follow the directions below to dispense
coffee, hot water, or steam, and ensure proper use
of the machine.


Warning! The grinder adjustment knob inside
the coffee container must be turned only while
the coffee grinder is operating. Do not introduce
ground and/or freeze-dried coffee into the coffee
bean container.
It is strictly forbidden to introduce any material
other than coffee beans. The coffee grinder
contains moving parts that may be hazardous; do
not place your fingers and/or other objects inside
the grinder. Before performing any kind of operation
inside the coffee container, switch off the machine
and unplug it. Do not add coffee beans while the
grinder is operating.
The quality and flavour of your coffee will depend
not only on the blend you use but also on how finely
you grind it.
The machine has a knob (3) for adjusting the grind.
To adjust the grind, turn the graduated knob while the
grinder is operating; the numbers on the knob indicate
the fineness of the grind.
Every machine is factory-regulated to a medium-sized
grind; turn the knob to higher numbers to obtain a
coarser grind, turn the knob to lower numbers to
obtain a finer grind.
The variation in the fineness of the grind will be
noted only after three or four coffees have been
Use blends of coffee beans specifically for espresso
Avoid using extreme grinding settings (e.g. 1 - 16); if
you do use them, also use different blends of coffee.
Store coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dry
You should adjust the fineness of the grind when the
coffee is not dispensed properly:
Coffee pours out too fast = excessively coarse grind
> Set the knob on lower numbers;
Coffee drips out slowly and/or not at all = excessively
fine grind > Set the knob on higher numbers.


The machine allows you to adjust the amount
of coffee (dose) to be ground according to your
The manufacturer has set a standard dose that
satisfies most needs: notch (A) corresponding to
reference point (B).
Turn the knob (4) inside the coffee container counter-
clockwise to increase the dose of ground coffee; turn it
clockwise to reduce the dose of ground coffee.
The dose must be adjusted before pressing the button
to dispense coffee.
This system makes it possible to obtain optimal coffee
with all types of commercially available coffee.


Table of Contents

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