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Problems - Causes - Remedies - Gaggia 740903008 Operating Instructions Manual

Gaggia espresso machine operating instructions.
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The machine does not turn on
The coffee is not hot enough
No hot water or steam flows out
The coffee is not creamy on the
The machine takes too long to heat
up, or not enough water flows from
the tube
The dispensing unit cannot be
taken out
No coffee is dispensed
Coffee drips out slowly
Coffee leaks outside the dispensing
If you should have a problem that is not dealt with in the above table or is not resolved by any of these
solutions please contact an authorised service centre.
The machine is not plugged into
the electrical mains
The service door is open
The cups are cold
The steam tube hole is clogged
The blend is not suitable or the
coffee is not freshly roasted or is
ground too coarsely
The machine circuit is clogged
with scale
Dispensing unit out of place
Dregs box still in place
There is no water
Unit is dirty
Dose too high
Circuit not loaded
Knob (22) in wrong position.
Dose too high
Coffee ground too finely
Circuit not loaded
Dispensing unit dirty
Dispensing unit not correctly
Dispensing unit clogged
Plug the machine into the electrical
Close the door
Heat the cups
Use a pin to clean the steam
tube hole
Change the coffee blend or adjust
the grinder as directed in par.5
Increase the dose (Par .6)
Descale the machine
Turn on the machine. Close the
service door The dispensing unit
will automatically go back into
Remove the dregs box before
taking out the dispensing unit
Refill the water container and
reload the circuit (Par.4.3)
C l e a n t h e d i s p e n s i n g u n i t
Reduce the dose (Par.6)
Reload the circuit (Par.4.3)
Turn the knob clockwise.
Reduce the dose (Par.6)
Change the coffee blend or adjust
the grinder as directed in par.5.
Reduce the dose (Par .6)
Reload the circuit (Par.4.3)
C l e a n t h e d i s p e n s i n g u n i t
Position the dispensing unit cor-
Clean the dispensing unit and its


Table of Contents

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