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Fixing The Hob To The Work Top. Flush Fitted Model - KitchenAid KHPS 9010 Manual

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Fixing the hob to the work top. Flush fitted model

Important: The following procedure must
be carried out by competent technical
personnel only. The hob can be installed
on, or into different types of materials,
such as masonry, metal, wood and heat
resistant laminate coated wood (90°C).
Cut an opening in the worktop to the
dimensions shown in the diagram.
Note: For laminated worktops with a laminate
thickness of less than 3 mm, create a recess as shown as on the
detailed schematic drawing.
Before positioning the hob, apply the adhesive gasket/seal supplied,
on the underneath edge of the hob itself, where the hob will be in
contact with the worktop (fig. 2).
Once the seal is in place, place the hob into the recess. Secure the
hob into the work surface using the screws and brackets provided,
tightening them until the hob is perfectly flush (fig. 3).
Carefully trim off the excess gasket/seal. In case of installation on
wood (particularly chipboard), any small spaces between the edge of
the worktop and the hob should be filled with small quantities of
silicon sealant (see fig. 4). Once the appliance has been installed, the
bottom of the hob should be completely accessible.
• tighten the fixing brackets of the hob to the work top by hand,
using minimum force.
• In case of wooden (or similar) worktops, before fitting the
adhesive seal protect the surface of the milled recess with a
Slots for extra brackets have been created on the bottom of the
appliance, to help achieve a more flush positioning (should this be
necessary). Appropriate brackets can be obtained from the Customer
Care Centre.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4



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