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  • Page 1 Instructions for use...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Important safety instructions Installation Gas connection Electrical connection Fixing to the support structure - flush-mounting model Adjustment to different types of gas Replacing the injectors (see the injector table in the instructions booklet for the specific type) Adjusting minimum setting of taps After-Sales Service Troubleshooting guide Care and maintenance...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Important safety instructions YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF - If you cannot reach your gas company, call the OTHERS ARE VERY IMPORTANT fire service. - Installation and service must be performed by a This manual and the appliance itself provide qualified installer, service agency or the gas important safety messages, to be read and supplier.
  • Page 5: Installation

    Important safety instructions - The use of a gas appliance produces heat and - Overheated oils and fats catch fire easily. Always humidity in the room. Make sure the room is remain present and vigilant when preparing food well-ventilated, or install an extractor hood with with a high oil, fat or alcohol content (e.g.
  • Page 6: Gas Connection

    Gas connection The gas supply system must comply with local regulations. • You can find specific local regulations for some countries in the paragraph “Relevant National Regulations. • If no information concerning your Country is given, please ask your installer for details. Connection to the mains gas network must be carried out by a qualified and competent technician, in compliance with local regulations.
  • Page 7: Fixing To The Support Structure - Flush-Mounting Model

    Fixing to the support structure - flush-mounting model IMPORTANT: The following operation must be carried out by a competent technician. Installation can be carried out on different materials such as masonry, metal, solid wood and plastic laminated wood provided it is heat resistant (T 90°C). Create an opening in the work surface of the dimensions shown in figure 1;...
  • Page 8 To secure the hob, use the brackets provided: LONG (A) for kitchen worktops with a depth between 20 mm - 30 mm SHORT (B) for kitchen worktops with a depth between 35 mm - 60 mm Fit the brackets into the relevant bores on the bottom of the hob and fasten using the screws supplied (C) as shown in the following diagrams.
  • Page 9: Adjustment To Different Types Of Gas

    Adjustment to different types of gas WARNING This operation must be performed by a qualified technician. If the appliance is intended to operate with a different gas from the gas type stated on the rating plate and on the sticker affixed to the top of the hob, the injectors must be changed. Remove the information label and keep it with the instructions booklet.
  • Page 10: After-Sales Service

    After-Sales Service Before calling the After-Sales Service, make sure If any repairs are required, please contact an you can give the following information: authorized After-sales Service, as indicated in the - type of fault or problem; warranty. - exact model (written on the label affixed to the instruction/warranty);...
  • Page 11: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance - Do allow acid or alkaline substances, such as WARNING vinegar, mustard, salt or lemon juice to come into prolonged contact with the hob. Before any cleaning and/or maintenance - Wipe up any spills (water, sauce, coffee, etc.) operation, disconnect the hob from power immediately, before they dry.
  • Page 12: Safeguarding The Environment

    Electrical and Electronic Equipment. electronic equipment. - By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, Product description KHDD 3020 1. Removable panstand grids 2. Semi-rapid burner 3. Rapid burner 4. Semi-rapid burner control knob 5.
  • Page 13: Practical Advice For Using The Burners

    Practical advice for using the burners For optimum burner performance, observe the Burner Pot Ø following rules: Rapid from 24 to 26 cm - Use pots and pans that fit the burners (see table Semi-rapid from 16 to 22 cm on the right).
  • Page 14: Injectors Table

    Injectors table COUNTRIES: ES - GB - IT CATEGORY II2H3+ Primary air Nominal Reduced Gas pressure (mbar) Injector Rated Type of gas used Type of burner adjustment heating heating marking consumption (X) (mm) capacity (kW) capacity (kW) min. rat. max. rapid –...
  • Page 15 Injectors table COUNTRIES: DK - FI - NO - SE CATEGORY II2H3B/P Primary air Nominal Reduced Gas pressure (mbar) Injector Rated Type of gas used Type of burner adjustment heating heating marking consumption (X) (mm) capacity (kW) capacity (kW) min. rat.
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