Practical Advice On Using The Hob; Positioning The Pan Supports And Wok Support - KitchenAid Cooktop Instructions For Use Manual

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Practical advice on using the hob

Read the instructions to get the best out of your
- Use pans with a similar diameter to the burner
(see the table on this page)
- Use flat bottomed pans except with the wok
- Do not use excessive water when cooking foods
and use the lid.
- Ensure that pans are fully supported by the pan
supports and do not protude over the edges.
You should never use:
- Cast iron pots and pans, statite stone grills or
terracotta dishes on the hob as this may damage
the pan supports.
- Convectors such as metal netting, or others.
- The use of two burners simultaneously with just
one container such as a fish kettle.

Positioning the pan supports and wok support

Position the pan supports by inserting the locating pins at the rear of the hob into the slots found at
the back edge of the pan supports.
Do not rest or drag the pan supports upside down
on the hob as this could scratch it.
Failure to comply with these
recommendations could lead to the glass
ceramic hob being damaged, or broken and
the safety of your appliance being
semi fast
Ø Pans
from 24 to 26 cm
from 16 to 24 cm
from 8 to 14 cm

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents