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Product Description And Symbols; Using The Burners - KitchenAid KHPS 9010 Manual

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Product description and symbols

1. Removable pan supports
2. 1 kWh auxiliary burner
3. 1.65 kWh semi-fast burner
4. 3 kWh fast burner
5. 1.65 kWh semi-fast burner
6. Professional wok burner
7. Auxiliary burner control knob
8. Semi-fast burner control knob
9. Fast burner control knob
10. Semi-fast burner control knob
11. Professional wok burner control knob
Control Symbols
Maximum flame
Minimum flame

Using the burners

To turn on one of the burners:
1. Turn the corresponding control knob
anticlockwise until the indicator coincides with
the maximum flame symbol
2. Press the control knob to ignite the burner.
3. Once the burner has lit, keep the control knob
pressed for about 5 seconds to allow the safety
thermocouple fitted to each burner to engage.
The thermocouple will switch off the gas supply
to the burner should the flame be accidentally
lost ( A gust of air, momentary interruption of
gas supply or liquid spillage etc).
If the burner does not ignite within about 15
seconds, switch off the burner, check the
fitting of the burner cap and plate for correct
fitting. Wait at least 1 minute before trying
If the burner goes out when the control knob
is released, the thermocouple did not engage.
wait al least 1 minute before repeating strps 1
to 3.



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