Fixing To The Support Structure - Flush-Mounting Model - KitchenAid KHDD 3020 Instructions For Use Manual

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Fixing to the support structure - flush-mounting model

IMPORTANT: The following operation must be carried out by a competent technician.
Installation can be carried out on different materials such as masonry, metal, solid wood and
plastic laminated wood provided it is heat resistant (T 90°C).
Create an opening in the work surface of the dimensions shown in figure 1; for correct installation of the
hob, the worktop must also be milled out to a depth of 2 mm.
Before inserting the hob, position the adhesive gasket supplied
around the entire section of the underside which will come
into contact with the worktop (fig. 2).
Carry out the following operations:
• Place the hob on top of the milled surface and, using the screws
and fixing brackets supplied, secure the hob to the support
structure, ensuring it is perfectly level.
• Carefully trim any excess from the edge of the gasket.
For installation in wooden worktops (especially chipboard), if there
is even the slightest gap between the milled surface and the edge of
the installed hob, finish off by filling with a small amount of silicone.
The lower part of the protective cover must be fully accessible when the appliance is installed.
• tighten the hob fixing brackets to the kitchen worktop by hand, using minimum force.
• If the cabinet worktop is in wood or similar, protect the edge of the milling with a primer before closing
with the sealing strip.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2



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