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Philips HF 305 User Manual page 5

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Placing the batteries
Place the batteries as shown in the figure on the left.
Make sure that the + and - poles are pointing in the
right direction. Use 4 alkaline, Philips Powerlife or
rechargeable batteries, size AA (LR06).
Remove the protective foil from the display.
Placing the cuff
Make sure that the blood circulation is not constricted
by tight clothes, such as rolled-up shirt sleeves, as this
could cause inaccurate readings.
Press the connector firmly into the hose connection of
the appliance.
Put the cuff on a table as shown in the figure.
Put your left arm through the opening in the cuff. The
rubber hose attached to the cuff should be on the inside
of the arm, pointing in the direction of the hand.
Tighten the cuff around the upper arm in such a way
that you can still slip two fingers between the cuff and
the arm. Make sure that the bottom edge of the cuff is
placed approx. 2-3 cm (1 inch) above the elbow
If the cuff has been fastened too tightly or not tightly
enough, there is a possibility that the measurement will
be inaccurate.

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