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Philips HF 305 User Manual page 10

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Why measure blood pressure at home?
An incidental blood pressure measurement carried out by a doctor is not a true
representation of your actual blood pressure. It is possible that a person's blood
pressure is higher when it is measured by a doctor than it is when it is measured at
home, because people tend to be somewhat tense during a visit to the doctor. This is
why the pressure measured by doctors is often called 'white coat' blood pressure.
By measuring your blood pressure every morning before breakfast you can
determine your basic blood pressure. By always carrying out the measurement at the
same time of day, external influences on blood pressure can be excluded as much
as possible.
If you want to gain insight into the daily fluctuations of your blood pressure, measure
your blood pressure at several set points during the day. The risk of illness due to
high blood pressure depends on all pressures that occur during the day, not only on
the blood pressure you happen to have in the morning.
Always write down the date and the time along with the blood pressure values
measured. Keep in mind that only a doctor is capable of analysing your blood
pressure. On no account make a diagnosis yourself and NEVER change the dose of
medication prescribed by a doctor.
• This digital blood pressure meter consists of very fragile precision parts. Be
careful to avoid extreme temperatures, humidity, sunlight, shocks and dust.
• Only clean the appliance with a soft, moist cloth and some washing-up liquid.
Carefully remove stains on the cuff with a moist cloth and some soap.
• Do not bend the cuff too far backwards and make sure that the cuff has not been
rolled up too tightly when you put it away.
• Remove the batteries from the appliance if the blood pressure meter will not be
used for quite some time.
• Do not throw the batteries away but hand them in at an officially assigned
collection point.

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