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Philips HF 305 User Manual page 6

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It is important that you sit down during the measurement and rest your forearm on a
table. Keep the arm still during the measurement.
Conditions for accurate blood pressure measurement
- Make sure your are comfortably seated and rest your
forearm on a table in such a way that the upper arm
is at about the same height as your heart.
- Sit down and relax for 10 minutes before you use the
blood pressure meter for the first time. Excitement or
depression as a result of emotional stress have a
clear effect on blood pressure. Blood pressure will be higher (or lower) than
normal and the pulse will usually also be faster.
- Make sure the measurement is not affected by tight clothes causing constricted
blood vessels.
- Do not eat, drink or smoke before you measure your blood pressure. Alcoholic
beverages in particular will influence the measurement.
- Carry out the measurement every day at the same time, since your blood
pressure fluctuates in the course of the day.
- Do not attach too much importance to the results of a single measurement.
Carrying out measurements regularly over a longer period of time and recording
the results will give you a better insight into your blood pressure than a single
- If the blood pressure meter registers an abnormal situation, the error message
'Err' will appear on the display. For more details, see section 'Messages on the
Carrying out the measurement
Press the START button. All symbols will appear on the
display for a second.
After the '0' has been displayed for a few seconds, the
cuff will inflate automatically.
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