Broadcasting The Service Message; Manual Mode - Honeywell Excel 10 W7752D User Manual

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Broadcasting the Service Message

The Service Message allows a device on the LonWorks
network to be positively identified. The Service Message
contains the controller Neuron ID number and, therefore, can
be used to confirm the physical location of a particular Excel
10 FCU Controller in a building.
When an Assign Neuron ID command is issued from the LNS
tool, the node goes into the SERVICE_MESSAGE mode for
one minute. In the SERVICE_MESSAGE mode, pressing the
occupancy override button on the remote Excel 10 wall
module causes the Service Message to be broadcast on the
network. All other functions are normal in the
SERVICE_MESSAGE mode. If an FCU Controller does not
have a bypass button connected, it can still broadcast the
Service Message on the network by temporarily shorting the
controller Fan Speed/Bypass input terminal to the AGND
terminal on the controller (terminals 5 and 7) with the
controller in SERVICE_MESSAGE mode.
EN2B-0285GE51 R0909

Manual Mode

The FCU Controller can be put into a manual mode which
allows manual setting of outputs for system checkout. The
variable nviManualMode must be set to Mode_Manual using
the LNS tool. Triac outputs can be set to any combination of
ON/OFF or can be set to a test position based upon the
configured valve runtime/cycle time. The fan relays and
reheat relay (W7752D, F and W7754P1000, only) can also be
commanded ON/OFF in any combination. The override LED
can be commanded ON/OFF in this mode also.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents