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Honeywell 11280S Specification

Smart actuator


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Smart Actuator
Honeywell's HercuLine
11280S Smart
actuators incorporate all of the high
quality and reliable features of the
traditional HercuLine
actuators plus
the added benefits of a microprocessor-
based Enhanced Electronics Unit (EEU).
These additional benefits provide:
Faster set-up and commissioning
Network capability
Health parameter monitoring for
proactive maintenance planning.
HercuLine 11280S Smart actuators
enable operation at maximum process
efficiency, minimal downtime, and
access to all actuator parameters for
real-time business decisions.
Honeywell's 11280S actuators are
industrial rated and engineered for very
precise positioning of dampers and
valves. The HercuLine 11280S
performs especially well in extremely
demanding environments requiring
continuous duty, high reliability, and low
maintenance. Typical applications are
ID/FD fan dampers, furnace pressure
dampers, coal mill dampers, burner tilts
and more.
Actuator Operation
Microprocessor-based electronics
continually monitor the performance,
health, and position of the actuator for
repeatable positioning and response to
demand signal.
A double reduction worm gear set
combines with a variable speed motor
controller (inverter) that is continuous
duty rated for accurate and repeatable
positioning of final control elements.
The worm gear set combination also
functions as a brake, capable of holding
greater than two times the output torque
in a back-driving condition.
Control options are available to
interface with a modulating 4-20 mA
input signal and 4-20 mA customer
feedback or remote setpoint through
Modbus. Internal balance, customer
feedback and patented slidewire
emulation is provided by a non-
contacting position sensor.
Accurate Positioning –
Motor/gear train provides accurate
positioning with almost
instantaneous start/stop
Non-Contact Position Sensing –
Non-contacting sensing lowers
maintenance costs and improves
Duty Cycle – Continuous duty
rated motor.
Sensing and Control, 11 West Spring Street, Freeport, Illinois 61032
Printed in U.S.A. © Copyright 2000—Honeywell
Figure 1 Herculine 11280S Smart Actuator
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Full Travel Speed – Full stroke
travel speeds as fast as 10
Torque – High torque capability in
small package (425 – 5,500 lb-ft).
High Accuracy – Typically 0.25 %
of 90° span.
High Repeatability - Typically
0.2 % of 90° span.
Characterization – Linear, square
root or programmable user-
configured 21-point
characterization allows tailoring of
control for specific applications.
Input Filter Setting – Four
programmable combinations of
input filter settings are provided to
accommodate various customers
needs. The combinations are
none, spike, low pass, or spike +
low pass filter.
Deadband – Deadband is
programmable between 0.2 % to
5 % of 90° span.


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Summary of Contents for Honeywell 11280S

  • Page 1 The HercuLine 11280S performs especially well in extremely Figure 1 Herculine 11280S Smart Actuator demanding environments requiring continuous duty, high reliability, and low • Full Travel Speed – Full stroke Control options are available to maintenance.
  • Page 2: Health Monitoring

    61-86-03-13 Page 2 Features Health Monitoring (continued)  A standard feature on all 11280S Operation actuators accumulates information • • Factory Calibration – Factory Control Signals – 0/4 to 20 mA, about actuator operation. This calibration is stored in non-volatile...
  • Page 3: Local Display And Keypad

    61-86-03-13 Page 3 Local Display and Keypad Configuration and set-up is through the local HMI, consisting of a display and keypad interface (Figure 2). A high intensity 10-character LED display and simple pushbuttons provide quick access for actuator set up and status information. If relay outputs are specified, all configuration can be done through either the local HMI interface.
  • Page 4 The table below summarizes the configuration parameters available within the various set up groups. Full details of all configuration parameters are found in the 11280S Series Smart Actuator Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual, document number 61-86-25-09.
  • Page 5: Specifications - General

    61-86-03-13 Page 5 Set Up Group Configuration Parameter Selections/Settings LOCKID – Set Security Password SET LOCK Enables lock out or access to selected LOCK – Lock Out set up group parameters and calibration values. FAILSF – Failsafe CFGTST – Configuration Test Diagnostic READ STATUS...
  • Page 6 61-86-03-13 Page 6 Specifications – General, Continued Physical Torque Output Shaft Key Output Maximum Handwheel Approx. Model # lb-ft (N_M) Shaft Size Size Shaft Overhang Diameter Maximum Length Load Weight 11284S 2" 1/2" 5" 3700 lb. 18" 300 lb. (576) (51 mm) (13 mm) (127 mm)
  • Page 7 61-86-03-13 Page 7 Specifications – Actuator Electrical Input Signals Analog: 0/4 to 20 mA (With supplied 250 ohm shunt resistor for current range) 0/1 to 5 Vdc 0 to 10 Vdc Digital: Remote Setpoint via Modbus RTU (RS485) Input Impedance Input Input Impedance 0/4 to 20 mA...
  • Page 8 Pipe Linkage Kit Pipe linkage kits are available from Honeywell and can be used for linkage lengths from 24 to 240 inches (61 to 610 cm). The kits include the mechanical pipe couplings, load rod end (left-hand thread), connecting rods and locking nuts. See Figure 4.
  • Page 9 61-86-03-13 Page 9 External Transformers 120 Vac (Single Phase) For customer applications requiring 120/240 Vac single phase operation, a step-up transformer is mounted in a separate enclosure (Model Selection Guide Table I, option 1). Figure 6 shows the installation for the transformer enclosure. 575 Vac (3 Phase) For customer applications requiring 575/460 Vac 3 phase operation, a step-down transformer is mounted in a separate enclosure (Model Selection Guide Table I, option 6).
  • Page 10: Model Selection Guide

    61-86-03-13 Page 10 Model Selection Guide Reference 62-86-16-19 Instructions Select the desired key number. The arrow to the right marks the selection available. Make the desired selections from Tables I thru VIII using the column below the arrow. A dot ( ) denotes unrestricted availability. Key Number VIII _ _ _...
  • Page 11 61-86-03-13 Page 11 Model Selection Guide, continued 01128_ _ TABLE V - SWITCH AND RELAY OUTPUTS (2 mech end-of-travel limits standard) Selection Auxiliary Switches None 00 _ 2 Aux. SPDT Switches 20 _ 2 Aux. + 2 Programmable Relay Outputs 22 _ 2 Programmable Relay Outputs 02 _...
  • Page 12 61-86-03-13 Page 12 Figure 7 Mounting and Outline Dimensions for 11284S, 11285S, 11286S, 11288S, and 11289S Weather-Proofed Motor Actuators - Right Hand Floor Mounting, Handwheel Shaft Horizontal (D-MTG-616-200)
  • Page 13 61-86-03-13 Page 13 Figure 8 Mounting and Outline Dimensions for 11284S, 11285S, 11286S, 11288S, and 11289S Weather-Proofed Motor Actuators - Left Hand Floor Mounting, Handwheel Shaft Horizontal (D-MTG-616-210)
  • Page 14 Contact your local sales office for warranty information. If warranted goods are returned to Honeywell during the period of coverage, Honeywell will repair or replace without charge those items it finds defective. The foregoing is Buyer's sole remedy and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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