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Loading Roll Paper For Printing - Epson 10600 Printer Manual

Epson user's guide printer 10600
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Using Paper and Other Media
When both 2-inch and
3-inch spindles are
loaded, place the 3-inch
spindle in the upper
position and 2-inch
spindle in the lower
position. This keeps the
paper being fed from the
upper roll from rubbing
against the lower roll.
Be sure to wrap one of
the roll paper belts
around the roll you're not
using. See page 2-18.
Never attempt to load two
3-inch spindles at the same
time. They won't fit and
could roll out of the
mounting brackets.

Loading Roll Paper for Printing

Once roll paper is placed on the spindle, follow these steps to load it in the
1. Open the printer's roll paper cover.
2. Insert the white end of the spindle into the right mounting bracket
inside the printer.
3. Place the black end of the spindle into the corresponding left mounting
bracket inside the printer.
Place the white end on the right


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