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Portable mp3-cd player
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2. Safety instructions

Place the MP3-CD player, be it for stationary use, - e.g. at home – or when en route, on a level,
smooth non-slip base so that the MP3-CD player cannot slip. This applies particularly when the
MP3-CD player is operated in a car.
To prevent damage, functional interference and the danger of an electric shock do not use
the set ...
... in the immediate vicinity of heat sources such as stoves, fan heaters and similar appli-
ances! Exposure to heat can cause the set to overheat and the risk of melting plastic parts,
thereby causing irreparable damage!
Do not leave the MP3-CD player at high temperatures in the car, particularly on sunny days
when the interior of the car can become very hot!
Ensure that the MP3-CD player is not exposed to direct sunlight in a car (e.g. directly behind the
Set overheating gives rise to the danger of a fire!
... in damp surroundings, for instance in basements or in a sauna! Moisture entering the MP3-
CD player can cause functional problems and irreparable damage!
... not in the immediate vicinity of water, for instance in a bathroom or near a swimming pool.
Never place any water-filled containers, for instance a flower vase, on the MP3-CD player.
Do not place open flames (e.g. burning candles) on the MP3-CD player. This could cause a fire!
Moisture entering the MP3-CD player can result in the danger of electric shock!
Please note!
No liability/warranty is accepted for damage to the player as a result of the following:
Exposure to moisture
Water entering the set
The MP3-CD player and its components contain no user serviceable parts. The warranty is
voided if the casing of the MP3-CD player is opened! For repairs, please contact your near-
est service partner. The addresses of our service partners are found at the end of these op-
erating instructions.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents