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Portable mp3-cd player
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Please note!
Fingerprints and moisture on the laser scanning lens will cause faulty CD playback!

15. Functional faults

In the event that functional faults arise during operation of the MP3-CD player, then first dis-
connect the mains adapter from the player or, alternatively, remove the batteries.
Proceed in the following manner if the display remains blank when the "PLAY/PAUSE" but-
ton is pressed ...
With mains operation
First check that the mains adapter is correctly inserted in the mains socket and the plug on
the cable of the mains adapter has been correctly inserted in the "DC 4.5 V" socket on the
left-hand side of the MP3-CD player.
If both have been correctly inserted, then check whether the mains socket is conducting power
by connecting another electrical appliance to the same mains socket.
With battery operation
Check whether the batteries have been correctly loaded into the player. If this is the case then
check whether the batteries are discharged or defective.
Rechargeable batteries must be recharged in the battery compartment of the MP3-CD
player. Non-rechargeable batteries must be exchanged or, alternatively, change the MP3-CD
player over to mains operation.
If playback of audio/MP3-CDs does not function or is faulty, then check whether a film
of condensation has formed on the laser scanning lens of the MP3-CD player.
This can happen if the MP3-CD player has been exposed to wide temperature fluctuations.
Proceed in the following manner if this is the case ...
Place the MP3-CD player in a dry environment with a normal room temperature.
Remove a loaded audio CD/MP3-CD from the CD compartment.
Leave the MP3-CD player switched on for at least one hour without using it to allow the
condensation film to evaporate.
If you have inserted a CD-R/CD-RW: Sometimes, individual CD-Rs or CD-RWs can not be read/
played. This can be caused by ...
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents