Conventional Audio Cds; Playback - Silvercrest KH 2279 Operating Instructions Manual

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Open the battery compartment inside the CD compartment and insert the two re-
chargeable batteries. Ensure that the batteries are inserted into the battery compartment
according to their polarity – as indicated inside the battery compartment.
Close the battery compartment cover. It must be audibly locked in place. Close the CD
compartment by pressing down the cover until it is audibly locked in place.
Insert the plug on the mains adapter cable into the "DC 4.5 V" socket.
Plug the mains adapter into a mains socket.
To start charging the batteries set "ON" with the "CHARGE" slide on the underside of the
MP3-CD player. The "CHARGE" indicator will now light up in red.
Only use the supplied mains adapter to charge the rechargeable batteries in the MP3-CD
Battery charging continues ...
during CD playback or
after the MP3-CD player has been switched off.
After 15 hours charging set "OFF" with the "CHARGE" slide and disconnect the mains
adapter from the mains socket.
Rechargeable batteries should always be fully discharged before they are recharged, other-
wise they can suffer a serious decline of their storage capacity (Memory Effect)!
If the performance of the MP3-CD player decreases significantly although the rechargeable
batteries have been charged properly, please exchange all batteries with new ones. Alter-
natively you may operate the MP3-CD player via the mains supply.
Following first-time charging, or if the MP3-CD player has not been used for an extended
period, the playback time may be shorter. In this case the batteries should be fully dis-
charged and fully recharged several times.

8. Conventional audio CDs

8.1. Playback

Open the CD compartment by pushing to the right the "OPEN" slide on the front of the
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents