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Portable mp3-cd player
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Press the "EQ./PROGRAM" button once. "01" will flash on the display.
Select with the "SKIP/SEARCH 8" or "SKIP/SEARCH 7" button the directory holding the
first title that you wish to program.
Press the "EQ./PROGRAM" button once again. The title number "000" will flash on the dis-
Select with the "SKIP/SEARCH 8" or "SKIP/SEARCH 7" button the desired title within the
selected directory.
Press the "EQ./PROGRAM" button once again to program the selected title.
Repeat steps 3. to 6. until all music titles for your compilation have been programmed in
the desired sequence. Up to 64 tracks can be programmed in this manner.
Press the "PLAY/PAUSE" button once to start playback of the programmed compilation
of titles.
To end playback of the compilation press the "STOP" button once. The programmed compila-
tion continues to be stored and the display continues to indicate "PROG".
To renew playback of the programmed compilation press the "PLAY/PAUSE" button once
To switch off the program function press the "STOP" button twice during playback. This ends
the program function, "PROG" is faded out on the display and the programmed compilation of
titles is deleted.
The player is automatically transferred to STOP mode after all programmed titles have been
played. The programmed tracks continue to be stored until ...
You open the CD compartment
You switch off the player by depressing the "STOP" button.
The MP3-CD player is automatically switched off after 30 seconds in STOP mode.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents