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Portable mp3-cd player
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Please note!
The ESP system cannot prevent damage to the MP3-CD player as a result of jolts or vibra-
tions or if the player is dropped! Ensure that the MP3-CD player is transported or stands as
vibration-free as possible and that it cannot fall down from its location point.
The MP3-CD player can be irreparably damaged by shocks and vibrations or if it falls down!
The first track on the audio CD is then played.
The following is then possible ...

8.2. Setting the playback volume

Set the required playback volume with "VOLUME +" (for louder) and "VOLUME -" (for softer).
The currently set volume is indicated between "Volume 00" (sound OFF) and "Volume 32" (maxi-
mum volume).

8.3. Switching on Bass Boost

Switching on the Bass Boost system ensures more faithful rendition of the low frequencies (bass)
to produce a more "saturated" sound of greater volume.
Set "ON" with the "Bass Boost" slide to switch on the Bass Boost system.
Set "OFF" with the "Bass Boost" slide to switch off the Bass Boost system.

8.4. Stopping playback (PAUSE mode)

To stop audio CD playback press the "PLAY/PAUSE" button once. The MP3-CD player is then in
PAUSE mode. "PAUSE" is indicated on the LCD display and the playback time of the currently
stopped track flashes.
Press the "PLAY/PAUSE" button once to continue playback. The current track is continued
from the point it was stopped.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents