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9.8. Selecting tracks by their name

With MP3-CDs it is possible to search for tracks on the loaded MP3-CD by entering the begin-
ning of the track name.
The entry is then compared with the first 10 places of the track names on the MP3-CD. Conse-
quently it is necessary to ensure that you are aware of the title designation system of the loaded
MP3-CD (e.g. whether the name of the artist or the name of the title has been stored).
Conducting a search by track names ...
If an MP3-CD is being played, then end playback by pressing the "STOP" button once.
Then hold down the "MODE" button; "SONG SEARCH" briefly appears on the display after
which the letter "A" will start to flash at the first place of the track name.
Continue pressing the "SKIP/SEARCH8" or "SKIP/SEARCH7" button until the first letter,
the first numeral or the first character of the desired title is indicated on the display.
Press the "MODE" button to select the displayed letters, numerals or characters.
A second "A" will then flash on the display at the second place of the track name. Repeat the
steps 3. and 4. to enter further letters, numerals or characters of the desired track name.
Between one and ten letters, numerals or characters can be entered. The more letters, numerals
and/or characters that are entered, the greater the accuracy of the search.
When entry has been completed press the "PLAY/PAUSE" button to start the search.
When a title is found that corresponds with the given entry, then it will appear on the dis-
play, followed by automatic playback.
If no title is found that corresponds with the given entry, then "NOT FOUND" appears on the

10. Equalizer function

The music can be played with differing equalizer curves. It is possible to choose between DBB,
Pop, Classic, Jazz, Rock and Normal. Each equalizer curve has its own characteristic enhance-
ment of the treble tone, middle tone and bass so that the different styles of music can be
played according to personal preference.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents