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Portable mp3-cd player


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KH 2278
Controls, displays and connections on the MP3-CD player
Portable MP3-CD Player
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  Operating Instructions
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Summary of Contents for Silvercrest KH 2278

  • Page 1 KH 2278 Controls, displays and connections on the MP3-CD player Portable MP3-CD Player Upper Side: Left hand side: Frontside:   Operating Instructions   4=! 4=@ u y t Right hand side: Downside:...
  • Page 2 2( 2* 2& Downside: Connectors and Accessories Mains adapter for in-car Mains adapter cigarette lighter socket CD cassette adapter Portable MP3-CD player KH 2278 Kompernaß Handelsgesellschaft mbH Burgstraße 21 D-44867 Bochum Deutschland/Germany — KH 2278 V 2.0 GB IRL...
  • Page 3 Operating Instructions Silvercrest KH 2278 Portable MP3-CD Player with electronic digital anti-shock system...
  • Page 5 Controls, displays and connections on the MP3-CD player Upper side CD compartment LCD display VOLUME UP/DOWN button: Multi functions button: PLAY/PAUSE (up) 4= ! SKIP/SEARCH backwards (left) 4= @ SKIP/SEARCH forwards (right) 4= # STOP (down) 4= $ MODE button PROG./EQ button...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    12. Switching off the MP3-CD player   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Page 7: Safety Instructions

    2. Safety instructions Place the MP3-CD player, be it for stationary use, - e.g. at home – or when en route, on a level, smooth non-slip base so that the MP3-CD player cannot slip. This applies particularly when the MP3-CD player is operated in a car.
  • Page 8: Included

    Battery acid could leak out, especially if the batteries are old. Therefore you should remove all batteries if you do not use the MP3-CD player for long periods of time. This can protect the MP3-CD player from damages resulting from leaked battery acid.
  • Page 9: Functions

    5. Functions • Playback of audio CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs with data in audio-CD format (.cda) and MP3 format (.mp3) up to 256 kbps. “ESP” Electronic digital anti-shock system with 60 seconds (conventional audio CDs) and • 100 seconds (MP3 CDs) interim storage. •...
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    ô Only use the supplied mains adapter to connect the portable MP3-CD player to the mains! The use of mains adapters that were not intended for the portable MP3-CD player can re- sult in irreparable damage to the player! 7.1.2. Battery operation Proceed as follows to operate the portable MP3-CD player with batteries …...
  • Page 11: Exchanging Batteries

    ™ Never try to recharge conventional, non-rechargeable batteries! Ensure that the “CHARGE” slide on the underside of the MP3-CD player is definitely set at “OFF” beforehand otherwise the player and the batteries will suffer irreparable damage! Close the battery compartment cover. It must be audibly locked in place. Close the CD com- partment by pressing down the cover until it is audibly locked in place.
  • Page 12: Conventional Audio Cds

    MP3-CD player via the mains supply. Following first-time charging, or if the MP3-CD player has not been used for an extended period, the playback time may be shorter. In this case the batteries should be fully dis- charged and fully recharged several times.
  • Page 13 Info ô ESP is the abbreviation for “Electronic Shock Protection” system of the Silvercrest KH 2278 portable MP3-CD Player. The ESP system is automatically switched on when playing audio and MP3 CDs. The system ensures that playback of CDs, MP3-CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs is not impaired when the player is exposed to shocks and vibrations.
  • Page 14: Setting The Playback Volume

    Please note! ô The ESP system cannot prevent damage to the MP3-CD player as a result of jolts or vibra- tions or if the player is dropped! Ensure that the MP3-CD player is transported or stands as vibration-free as possible and that it cannot fall down from its location point.
  • Page 15: Ending Playback (Stop Mode)

    8.5. Ending playback (STOP mode) Press the “STOP” button once to end playback. The MP3-CD player is then in STOP mode and the following is indicated on the display … The total number of tracks on the loaded CD •...
  • Page 16: Fast Search Forward/Back

    Proceed in the following manner to program your own track compilation for playback … In the event that a CD is loaded in the CD compartment of the MP3-CD player and is already being played, then press the “STOP” button to terminate playback.
  • Page 17: Intro Play Function

    “STOP” button • the MP3-CD player is automatically switched off after 30 seconds. 8.9. Intro play function The first 10 seconds of all tracks of the loaded CD are played one after the other in the Intro play function.
  • Page 18: Random Playback (Shuffle)

    • Press the “STOP” button once. “SHUFF” is faded out on the display and playback of the cur- rent track is terminated. The MP3-CD player is now in STOP mode. 8.11. Repeat functions The following can be set with the repeat functions ...
  • Page 19: Repeat Playback Of All Cd Tracks

    9. MP3-CDs 9.1. Playback Open the CD compartment, load an MP3-CD and close the CD compartment. Then press the PLAY/PAUSE” button. “READING” appears on the display and the MP3-CD player now reads the information on the loaded MP3-CD. Please note: ô...
  • Page 20: Title Selection

    If the title designation under which a currently playing MP3-file was stored on the loaded CD (e.g. song title and artist) is too long to be shown in its entirety on the display, then the title designa- tion is continuously scrolled to the left during playback. 9.2.
  • Page 21: Random Playback (Shuffle)

    • press the “STOP” button once. “SHUFF” is faded out on the display and playback of the cur- rent title is terminated. The MP3-CD player is now in STOP mode. 9.6. Repeat functions The following can be set with the repeat functions …...
  • Page 22: Repeated Playback Of A Single Title

    9.6.1. Repeated playback of a single title To repeat a single music title of a loaded MP3-CD press the “MODE” button during playback of the desired title. “REPT 1” appears on the LCD display. The selected title will then be continuously repeated until … •...
  • Page 23: Selecting Tracks By Their Name

    You switch off the player by depressing the “STOP” button. • • The MP3-CD player is automatically switched off after 30 seconds in STOP mode. 9.8. Selecting tracks by their name With MP3-CDs it is possible to search for tracks on the loaded MP3-CD by entering the begin- ning of the track name.
  • Page 24: Equalizer Function

    Proceed in the following manner to set different equalizer curves … If the found title is currently played, the MP3-CD player will stop playback automatically. 26 | Operating Instructions...
  • Page 25: Button Lock (Hold)

    The equalizer function is turned off in the “Normal” setting. 11. Button lock (HOLD) All buttons on the MP3-CD player are blocked when the button lock is activated, thereby exclud- ing the possibility of accidental operation, e.g. when the MP3-CD player is placed in a pocket.
  • Page 26: Connecting And Using The Accessories

    13. Connecting and using the accessories 13.1. Remote control When the remote control is connected to the MP3-CD player all functions of the player can be operated by the remote control. Functions of the remote control buttons equivalent to… Button on the remote control <...
  • Page 27: Car Adapter Set

    Warning! ™ The Silvercrest KH 2278 portable MP3-CD player must only be used with the supplied cigarette lighter power adapter. The use of any other cigarette lighter power adapter could cause irreparable damage to the portable MP3-CD player.
  • Page 28: After Use

    Insert the plug at the other end of the adapter cable into the “DC 4.5 V” socket on the left-hand side of the portable MP3-CD player. The MP3-CD player will then be supplied with power from the car’s electrical system.
  • Page 29: Functional Faults

    Place the MP3-CD player in a dry environment with a normal room temperature. Remove a loaded audio CD/MP3-CD from the CD compartment. Leave the MP3-CD player switched on for at least one hour without using it to allow the condensation film to evaporate.
  • Page 30: Disposing Of The Mp3-Cd Player

    Warning! ™ NEVER open the case of the MP3-CD player! It does not contain any parts that can be re- paired by the user. The warranty becomes null and void if the set’s case has been opened. We do not accept any liability/warranty for damage result-ing from opening the case or repair attempts that were not carried out by qualified personnel! 16.

Table of Contents