Disposing Of The Mp3-Cd Player - Silvercrest KH 2279 Operating Instructions Manual

Portable mp3-cd player
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quality differences between various different CD manufacturers,
differences between various different CD burners,
differences between various different programs used to burn CDs,
or different settings used to burn CDs.
This does not indicate faulty functioning of the MP3 CD player.
In the event that the MP3-CD player does not react when buttons on the player or the
remote control are pressed, then check whether the "HOLD" slide on the left-hand side of
the MP3-CD player, or on the remote control, has been pushed to its left-hand setting. If the
slide is in its right-hand setting, then this means that button lock has been activated!
Consult our nearest service partner in the event of the following ...
if the functional faults cannot be remedied in the described manner.
if functional faults occur which have not been described.
The addresses of our service partners are found at the end of these operating instructions.
NEVER open the case of the MP3-CD player! It does not contain any parts that can be re-
paired by the user. The warranty becomes null and void if the set's case has been opened.
We do not accept any liability/warranty for damage result-ing from opening the case or
repair attempts that were not carried out by qualified personnel!

16. Disposing of the MP3-CD player

Do not dispose of the MP3-CD player in the household waste. Please contact those responsible
for waste management in your city or community and ask how this type of device is to be dis-
posed of properly.
Remove the batteries before disposing of the mini hi-fi system and/or the remote control
unit. Do not dispose of the batteries in the household waste! Return the used batteries to
an appropriate recycling collection center. Used batteries can usually be returned to the
store in which they were bought.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents