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Proceed in the following manner to set different equalizer curves ...
If the found title is currently played, the MP3-CD player will stop playback automatically.
Press during playback the "EQ./PROGRAM" button. "DBB" will appear for three seconds
on the display.
This indicates that the "DBB" equalizer curve has been switched on.
With each further depression of the "EQ./PROGRAM" button another equalizer curve is
set in the following sequence:
The designation of the selected equalizer curve is shown for approx. three seconds on the
The equalizer function is turned off in the "Normal" setting.

11. Button lock (HOLD)

All buttons on the MP3-CD player are blocked when the button lock is activated, thereby exclud-
ing the possibility of accidental operation, e.g. when the MP3-CD player is placed in a pocket.
To activate button lock set "HOLD" by pushing the slide on the left-hand side of the MP3-CD
player to the right; "HOLD" appears on the display.
To switch off button lock push the "HOLD" slide back towards the left. The "HOLD" symbol
disappears from the display.

12. Switching off the MP3-CD player

To switch off the MP3-CD player press the "STOP" button once during title playback. The
MP3-CD player is then in "STOP" mode.
Press the "STOP" button once again in STOP mode. The display indicates "POWER OFF" and
the MP3-CD player switches itself off.
The MP3-CD player automatically switches itself off ...
30 seconds after all tracks of the loaded audio or MP3-CD have been played.
30 seconds after all titles of a programmed compilation have been played.
30 seconds after the STOP mode was switched on.
DBB ➠ Pop ➠ Classic ➠ Jazz ➠ Rock ➠ Normal
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents