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If the "10+/ESP/Album" button is pressed in PAUSE or STOP mode, then the "PLAY/PAUSE" button
has to be pressed to playback the selected track.

8.7. Fast search forward/back

Proceed in the following manner to select a certain section within a track that is being played
in fast search forward/back ...
Keep the "SKIP/SEARCH 8" button depressed during playback of the desired track for
rapid forward search.
Keep the "SKIP/SEARCH 7" button depressed during playback of the desired track for rapid
back search.
Release the "SKIP/SEARCH 8" or "SKIP/SEARCH 7" button as soon as the desired section
within the track is reached.
Playback of the track at the selected point starts automatically.

8.8. Programming a compilation of tracks (PROGRAM function)

You can compile your own music programme with the program function merely by selecting
certain tracks on the loaded audio CD for playback. Moreover, you can decide the sequence in
which the titles are to be played.
Proceed in the following manner to program your own track compilation for playback ...
In the event that a CD is loaded in the CD compartment of the MP3-CD player and is already
being played, then press the "STOP" button to terminate playback.
Press the "EQ./PROGRAM" button once. The display indicates the following:
Continue pressing the "SKIP/SEARCH8" or "SKIP/SEARCH7" button until the number of the
desired track is indicated on the LCD display.
Then press the "EQ./PROGRAM" button once to program the selected track. "P-O2" is
indicated on the display for the second program storage place that is to be programmed.
Repeat steps 3. and 4. until all tracks for your compilation of tracks have been pro-
grammed in the desired sequence. Up to 20 tracks can be programmed in this manner.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents