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Silvercrest Kh; Intended Use; Delivery Contents; Technical Data - Silvercrest KH 2328 Operating Manual

Cd-player with radio


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SilverCrest KH 2328

CD-Player with Radio
SilverCrest KH 2328

Intended Use

The CD-Player with Radio is intended
exclusively for the playback of music CDs
and for listening to radio programmes.
The CD-Player with Radio is not intended
for use in commercial or industrial areas.
No guarantee claims will be granted for
damage resulting from improper use!

Delivery Contents

CD-Player with Radio
Operating manual
power cable

Technical Data

CD-Player with Radio
Rated voltage:
Battery operation: 6 x 1,5 V Typ D
Frequency range
MW (AM):
Protection class:
CD drive
Frequency range:
13:35 Uhr
220-240V ~ 50Hz
530 – 1600 KHz
88 – 108 MHz
100 Hz - 16 kHz
- 4 -
Seite 4

Safety information

• Do not allow children to handle elec-
trical appliances unsupervised - they are
not able to assess the possible injury
• To avoid unintentional switching on,
disconnect the power cord after use
and before cleaning.
• Check the appliance and all parts for
visible damages. The safety concept
of the appliance can only function if
it is in a faultless condition.
• The power plug must always be easily
accessible, so that the appliance can
be quickly separated from the mains
in the event of an emergency.
Explosion Hazard!
• Do not throw batteries into a fire.
Do not recharge the batteries.
Danger of electric shock!
• Connect the appliance to a wall socket
with a mains voltage of 230 V ~ /50 Hz.
• Do not use the appliance with a dama-
ged connecting cable or power plug.
• Arrange for customer service to repair
or replace connecting cables and/or
appliances that are not functioning
properly or have been damaged.
• Never immerse the appliance in water.
Wipe it only with a slightly damp cloth.
• Do not expose the appliance to rain
and never use it in a humid or wet


Table of Contents

Table of Contents