After Use; Cleaning - Silvercrest KH 2279 Operating Instructions Manual

Portable mp3-cd player
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Insert the plug at the other end of the adapter cable into the "DC 4.5 V" socket on the
left-hand side of the portable MP3-CD player. The MP3-CD player will then be supplied with
power from the car's electrical system.
Insert the car cassette adapter into the cassette deck of the car's radio in such a manner
that the side with the connecting cable is pointing towards you.
Insert the plug of the connecting cable into the "PHONES" earphones socket of the MP3-
CD player.
Set "OFF" with the "CHARGE" slide underneath the MP3-CD player.
Open the CD compartment, insert an audio CD or MP3-CD, and then close the CD compart-
Switch on the car radio and set the volume to a minimum level.
Switch on the MP3-CD player and set the volume at a middle level.
Start playback of the loaded CD/MP3-CD.
Set the required playback volume on the car radio and MP3-CD player.

13.3.4. After use

After use remove the car cassette adapter from the cassette deck of the car radio and discon-
nect the connecting cable from the "PHONES" earphones socket of the MP3-CD player.
After use disconnect the cigarette lighter power adapter from the cigarette lighter socket
and from the "DC 4.5 V" socket of the MP3-CD player.

14. Cleaning

Only use a slightly moist cloth and a mild washing-up liquid to clean the case surface of the MP3-
CD player. Ensure when cleaning that no moisture enters the player.
Moisture penetrating the set can give rise to the danger of an electric shock!
The inside of the CD compartment and the laser scanning lens must only be cleaned (if
necessary) with a clean, dry brush (e.g. lens brush available from photographic dealers). NEVER
moist clean the inside of the CD compartment! NEVER touch the laser scanning lens with
bare hands!
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents