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The selected track continues to be repeated until ...
press the "STOP" button once to end repeat playback,
press the "MODE" button four times to return to normal playback mode.

8.11.2. Repeat playback of all CD tracks

To repeat all tracks on the loaded CD press the "MODE" button twice during playback of a
track. "REPT ALL" appears on the LCD display.
The entire loaded CD continues to be repeated until ...
the "STOP" button is pressed once to end playback or
the "MODE" button is pressed three time to return to normal playback mode.

9. MP3-CDs

9.1. Playback

Open the CD compartment, load an MP3-CD and close the CD compartment.
Then press the PLAY/PAUSE" button.
"READING" appears on the display and the MP3-CD player now reads the information on the
loaded MP3-CD.
Please note:
Due to the enormous recording capacity of MP3 discs the read-in/scanning times are some-
what longer than with conventional audio CDs.
The first title in the first directory of the loaded MP3-CD is now automatically played and
the following is indicated on the display:
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents