Included; Use - Silvercrest KH 2279 Operating Instructions Manual

Portable mp3-cd player
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No liability will be taken and no guarantee will be made for damages ...
resulting from opening the casing of the MP3-CD player
resulting from repair attempts not made by qualified experts,
resulting from other than intended usage of the MP3-CD player
Battery acid could leak out, especially if the batteries are old. Therefore you should remove
all batteries if you do not use the MP3-CD player for long periods of time. This can protect
the MP3-CD player from damages resulting from leaked battery acid.

3. Included

1. MP3-CD player
2. Mains adapter
3. Earphones
4. Remote cable control
5. Line-out cable (chinch to 3.5 mm jack plug)
6. Two rechargeable NiMh batteries (1600 mAH)
7. Protective bag
8. Auto-adapter set:
a) CD cassette adapter
b) Mains adapter for in-car cigarette lighter socket
9. These operating instructions

4. Use

The Silvercrest KH 2279 portable MP3-CD Player is intended exclusively ...
as an entertainment electronics system
to playback audio CDs, CR-Rs and CR-RW with data in audio CD format (.cda) and MP3
format (.mp3)
for stationary and mobile use (e.g. in a car)
for private, non-commercial use
The following can be used for the output of speech or music ...
The supplied earphones or earphones with a 3.5 mm jack plug connection
Loudspeakers with a 3.5 mm jack plug connection
Other external HiFi units (connection by way of the supplied line-OUT cable)
10 | Operating Instructions

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents