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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Midi Applications; Playing Multiple Parts From A Sequencer; Creating A Gm Song; Using Two X5dr's (using 128 Voices)

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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MIDI Applications

Playing Multiple Parts from a Sequencer

Enter Multi mode to play multiple parts using different Programs simultaneously from an external
sequencer. (See page 16, 27.) Multi mode of the X5DR is used for GM data. You can also use this
mode to change the MIDI Channel for each Track, or to adjust the Key Window or Velocity
Window settings.
Multi mode is very handy for playing multiple parts, although the X5DR can play up to eight parts
of an ensemble in Combination Play mode by changing the MIDI Channel for each Timbre. It is
also possible to copy the Combination parameters into Multi mode. (See page 113.)

Creating a GM Song

When you create a GM song (performance data for a GM-compatible tone generator) using a
sequencer or a computer, use only the Programs in Bank G in Multi mode, and use the default
settings of the Key Window, Velocity Window, and MIDI Channels. (The default GM setting is
obtained by turning the power off and on to the X5DR, or by using page 23A SET TO GM.)
Performance data that uses functions unique to the X5DR (such as edits using the effects or
Control Change messages) may not be reproduced correctly on a different GM tone generator.
Set and store the Program parameters and level settings on the sequencer. If you set these
parameters on the X5DR, you can send the Multi setup data using 4A MIDI DUMP in Global
mode to the sequencer or data filter, and send it back to the X5DR to play the data in live
performance. (See page 62, 154.)

Using Two X5DR's (Using 128 Voices)

Playing two X5DR's that are connected to each other by a MIDI cable enables you to use 128
voices (twice the usual 64-voice polyphony). When you play only one X5DR, set the NoteR
parameter of 2A MIDI GLOBAL in Global mode to ALL so that the X5DR will respond to all
note numbers. When you play two X5DRs, set this parameter to ODD on one X5DR and EVEN
on the other X5DR. This allows one X5DR to respond to the odd note numbers, and the other
X5DR to respond to the even numbers. In this case, all the settings on both X5DRs should be the
same, except for the Note Receive Filter parameter. (See page 151.)
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