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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual Page 61

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide
ceiling, and other objects in the room, and the decay time of the reflections. Utilizing the effect
types 1: Hall through 9: Spring allows you to simulate a variety of acoustic ambiences, and you
can edit these effects in detail using the parameters provided.
2) Early reflection
This effect produces only the early reflections of a reverb effect. Using these early reflections, you
can add weight or spatial effects to a sound, such as reverberation. Without the reverberation, you
can achieve a clean effect sound.
3) Delay
Delay is like an echo in a canyon, consisting of a series of distinct repeats at regular intervals.
Subsequent repeats can be added by feeding the signal back into the effect. The X5DR contains
six types of stereo delay, from 13: SteroDly through 18: M. TapDly. Short delay time settings will
change the position of the stereo image (depth). Longer delay time settings are useful for soloing.
It can also be interesting to set a much longer delay time than that which would match the song's
4) Chorus
Chorus effect are an effective way to add spaciousness and thickness to any type of sound. The
X5DR contains six chorus effects, from 10: Chorus 1 to 24: Symp.Ens. These are ideally suited
for use with electric pianos, strings, guitars, and so on. In an ensemble, pitch variations between
instruments create a rich, slightly warbling sound. Essentially, this gives the impression that a
number of musicians are playing together. The chorus effect simulates this. In stereo performance,
the stereo image is widened, thus creating a magnificent spatial ambience.
5) Flanger
These effects add unique characteristics to a sound. The X5DR contains three flanger effects, from
25: Flanger 1 through 25: XOvrFlngr. Although similar to chorus, a flanger uses a shorter delay
time and feeds some of the output signal back into the effect, creating a strong swell. Flangers
work very well on sounds that contain a lot of harmonics, as well as on distorted guitar sounds.
Dry sound
Dry sound
Delay time
Dry sound
Delay sound
Early reflections


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