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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Adjusting The Panpot; About Double Mode

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Adjusting the Panpot

You can adjust the panpot setting (the position of the stereo image) when the stereo sound is output
through the L/MONO and R connectors. Change the Pan (panpot) parameter on 1C OSC1 and
check to see how the position of the stereo image has shifted (see page 81). Pan settings range
between A and B, with CNT as the center. With the Pan parameter set to OFF, no sound will be
output to A or B. (Select OFF when you are using only outputs C and D.)

About Double Mode

Just as you can layer Programs in a Combination, you can layer Multisounds in a Program. In
Program Edit mode, set the 0A OSC Mode parameter on the LCD screen to DOUBLE. Double
mode allows you to combine different Multisounds in a Program (see page 79), or to produce a
thick and rich sound. Most of the X5DR Programs are in fact Double mode Programs.
It is a good idea to consider the type of Multisounds that comprise a Double mode Program when
you are editing sounds in Program Edit mode.
• Remember that the X5DR polyphony is reduced from 64 to 32 notes for Double mode
Programs, since each Multisound uses one voice.
<<Double mode and detune>>
Double mode allows you to combine two sounds. Furthermore, on 2E OSC2 Detune, you can
slightly shift the pitch of OSC1 against that of OSC2. Shifting the pitch of two oscillators thickens
the sound. This is more effective and obvious for Programs that use the same type of Multisounds
for OSC1 and OSC2.
<<Key velocity and expression>>
To add expression to your performance, set the velocity so that tonal color and volume level
change according to the key velocity. Use the VDA Velocity Sense parameter to set the velocity
for the volume level. If you are layering two sounds in Double mode, setting the VDA Velocity
Sense parameter of one OSC to a negative value "–" will give you a velocity crossfade effect (a
effect that changes the balance between two sounds according to key velocity).
<<Keyboard tracking>>
Keyboard tracking is a function that determines how different areas of the keyboard affect tonal
color and volume level. Usually, it is used to adjust the balance between tonal color and volume
level when you are playing in a wide pitch range. To layer two sounds in Double mode, set the
Key parameter of OSC 1 and 2 to the same value, and set the KBD Track Intensity of OSC 1 and
2 to "+" and "–", and you will obtain a positional crossfade effect (an effect that changes the
balance between two sounds according to the key position on the keyboard).
<<Double mode and Combinations>>
There are two methods for layering multiple sounds: (1) using a Double mode Program; and (2)
layering multiple Single mode Programs in Combination Edit mode. The resultant sounds are the
same, but the method you choose should depend on how the sound will be used. For example, if
you wish to layer completely different types of Programs—such as piano and strings—it is better
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