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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Adjusting The Release; Adjusting The Tonal Brightness

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide

Adjusting the Release

The release part of a sound that you hear after you release the key (Note-off) will be adjusted by
the RT (Release Time) parameter on page 5C VDA1 EG.
The default release time setting for Program A01: X Piano is set to 36. Change this value and listen
to the sound. With a lower value, the sound will decay quickly after you release a key; with a
higher value, the release will take longer.
• If you set this parameter too high, the sound will continue for a very long time. In this case, go
to another mode and select Program Edit mode again.
The SL (Sustain Level) setting of the VDA EG for the current Program is set to 00. This means
the sound will decay regardless of the RT setting if you continue playing the keyboard. However,
if you release the keys during the DT part, you will hear the release sound defined by the RT

Adjusting the Tonal Brightness

You can use the VDF to adjust the tonal brightness. This technique is very useful when you want
to change the nuances of a tone, or when you have noticed that a certain Program "sticks out" too
much or is too quiet while you are playing multiple Programs in Combination Play mode or Multi
mode, and you wish to correct this problem. Adjusting tonal brightness will allow you to layer
multiple Programs evenly and to bring the ensemble together.
For example, let's adjust the brightness of Program A71: Super BX-3. Select this Program in
Program Play mode, and enter Program Edit mode.
Press the [PAGE+] or [PAGE–] button to display 3A VDF 1. Changing the Fc (cutoff frequency)
will change brightness. Low Fc values makes the sound darker, while higher values make it
The Fc (cutoff frequency) sets the frequency above which frequency components will be filtered.
Therefore, low Fc values cause more frequency components to be filtered, resulting in a darker
sound. High Fc values cause less frequency components to be filtered, resulting in a brighter


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