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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Combination Play Mode; Playing Combinations; Basic Operation In Combination Play Mode

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide

Combination Play Mode

Combinations (a combination of Programs) can use up to eight Timbres. Each Timbre is assigned
a Program. You can play Combinations in Combination Play mode. The X5DR contains 100
Combinations (00–99).
You can store a total of
100 Combinations.

Playing Combinations

The eight Timbres in Combinations can be assigned to different MIDI Channels. (Initially, all
Timbres are assigned to MIDI Channel 1.) Set the MIDI receive channel of each Timbre so that it
matches the MIDI channel of the transmission device such as a computer or MIDI keyboard.
Combination Play mode allows you to combine up to eight Programs, and is useful in live
performance. You can also use the X5DR as a multi-timbral tone generator by assigning a different
MIDI channel to each Timbre.
• Each Timbre in a Combination has MIDI filters for MIDI message such as Program Change,
Damper (Hold 1), After Touch, and Control Change. Therefore, MIDI data for which the MIDI
filter is set to "D (Disable)" will be ignored. (See page 104.)

Basic operation in Combination Play mode.

Press the [COMBI] button to enter Combination Play mode to play Combinations.
Press the [COMBI] button.
You can switch Combinations in Combination Play mode by operating the front panel of the
X5DR, or by sending MIDI data from an external device.
Timbre 1
Timbre 2
Timbre 3
Timbre 4
Timbre 5
Timbre 6
Timbre 7
Timbre 8
A30 A99 A16 A39
Key Window
This example shows that each Program
assigned to a corresponding Timbre is
set in such a way that the Programs will
produce sound in different ranges of the
Keyboard range played by
each Timbre


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