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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: If You Cannot Play The X5dr

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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If You Cannot Play the X5DR

If no sound is produced from the X5DR or if the sound or performance is not proper, check the
following items:
No sound is produced:
Check to see if Demo songs can be played. If not, check to see if the volume level of the X5DR
and the connected powered monitor or stereo amplifier is sufficiently raised. Ensure that the audio
cable is connected correctly.
If Demo songs can be played back, confirm that the unit is in Multi mode.
Check the connection of the MIDI cables or computer interface cables, and the settings on the
computer or sequencer. When the X5DR receives MIDI data, the MIDI indicator lights up. If the
MIDI indicator does not light up, the settings on the computer or sequencer may not be correct.
If you are using a computer interface cable, check to see if 0D PC I/F CLK in Global mode is set
correctly. For an IBM PC (compatible), set this parameter to 38.4kBPS. For an Apple Macintosh
computer, set it to 31.25kBPS. (See page 14.)
You need to set up the MIDI port for MIDI data transmission/reception when you are using
sequence software on the computer. Check to see if the MIDI port for the connected MIDI
interface or KORG MIDI Driver port has been selected. The KORG MIDI Driver allows you to
use different MIDI ports for the tone generator inside the X5DR and MIDI data transmitted from
the MIDI OUT connector. To play the X5DR, specify the X5DR's tone generator (KORG PC I/F
Synth Port).
Some Windows sequence software may transmit MIDI data via MIDI mapper. If you are using this
type of software, use the MIDI mapper on the control panel to change the port name of all the
MIDI channel maps to KORG PC I/F Synth Port.
If Programs or Performance Sound Wrong
If the Program sounds wrong during the playback of the GM score, the GM score may be using
the Bank Select message. In this case, set the computer or sequencer so that it will not transmit the
Bank Select messages, or set 2C MIDI FILTER in Global mode so that the X5DR will not receive
the Bank Select messages. (See page 152.) Then, transmit the GM System On message from the
computer or sequencer, or use 23A SET TO GM to restore the default setting, and play the X5DR
If the volume level or pan setting is incorrect, or the parameter settings are not reflected by the
performance of the X5DR, the information has probably been cut by the transmission filter of the
sequencer/sequence software, or by the KORG MIDI Driver filter. You can set the X5DR using
the MIDI FILTER (page 152) in Global mode, and Multi mode so that the X5DR will not receive
MIDI messages (page 111). Check these settings again.
In Multi mode, you can use the X5DR as a 16-part multi-timbral GM tone generator. You can set
a Track's Program, volume, and pan settings on the computer or sequencer as well as on the
X5DR. (This setting data allows the X5DR to play the performance data in the same conditions.)
If these data have not been input, the X5DR may play the performance data using the previous
playback settings. Refer to your sequencer/sequence software manual for information on how to
create performance data and how to play each track.
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