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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Combination Examples

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Combination Examples

The X5DR has 100 Combinations (00–99). Play and listen to a variety of Combinations. The
following are some examples of the X5DR's unique Combinations. Take a listen to the following:
12:Wind Orch
This orchestra sound combines woodwind, strings, and timpani sounds. With a low key
velocity, the woodwind sound is produced, and with a high key velocity, a strings sound is
produced. This allows you to play two different sounds by switching the key velocity. In the
low range, the timpani sound and cymbal sound are produced only when you play the key
with a high key velocity. In this way, Combinations allow you to play different Programs
easily, depending only on the key range and key touch.
15:<The East>
This is an oriental Combination that consists of koto, shakuhachi, gamelan, and gong
sounds. Playing this Combination for even a short phrase is very effective and interesting
because it contains exotic ethnic instruments. This sound also changes depending on the key
range and key velocity.
This is a sublime pipe organ. This thick, heavy sound is created by layering multiple
Programs. You can easily add thickness, width, and spaciousness to the sound by combining
different Programs.
As you might guess from the name, this is a weird sound that combines multiple drum
sounds and uses effect sounds, such as voices. You can combine Drum Programs (drum and
effect sounds that are assigned to keys) with normal Programs, allowing you to easily create
sounds with various characteristics. The next Combination 40:<<Heaven>> is a unique
contrast. Listen to and compare these two Combinations.
This Combination consists of drum, bass, guitar, and effect sounds. You can play the drum
sound with the left hand, while playing the bass or guitar sound with the right hand. In the
mid range, the tonal color changes depending on the key velocity. With a low key velocity,
a bass sound is produced. With a high key velocity, a guitar sound is added. The scratch
sound and orchestra hit sound are assigned to the higher range.
This combines bass, electric piano, and strings sounds. The bass Program is assigned to the
low range, and the electric piano and strings sounds are layered in the mid and high ranges.
You can play these different sounds with your left and right hands, which is very helpful in
live performance. Using Combination 81:Bass/Piano allows you to play an acoustic bass
and acoustic piano.
The Combinations described above are only part of a variety of Combinations the X5DR has to
offer in Preset a. Try playing different Combinations to enjoy the great sound of the X5DR.


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