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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual Page 2

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Features of the X5DR
Superior Sound with Korg's AI
The Korg X5DR employs Korg's AI
generator—with its 8MB capacity—to the filters, amplifier, and effect units, all audio is handled
in the digital domain, which ensures the highest quality sound with absolutely no signal loss or
deterioration in audio quality.
Based on state-of-the-art PCM technology, the AI
Korg to capture the true essence of acoustic sound for use in a tone generator. Since its
introduction in Korg's 01/W series, X2/X3/X5, and i2/i3 synthesizers, the AI
has received unqualified praise from musicians and artists throughout the world. With the X5DR,
you will enjoy a richness and variety of sound at a level of excellence that meets or exceeds the
quality of audio CDs.
Multisounds Let You Create an Endless Variety of Sounds
The X5DR contains 430 built-in Multisounds, which are multi-sampled PCM waveforms. These
Multisounds allow you to simulate a range of acoustic sounds, from drums and percussion to
piano, guitar, and trumpet. The X5DR also features unique Multisounds—such as Synth and
Special Effects—which provide a wide variety of flexible tools for sound creation. In fact, the
X5DR can generate a virtually endless variety of sounds.
These built-in Multisounds can be played in their unmodified form. They can also be modified to
create the sound of various musical instruments once they pass through a powerful VDF (filter)
and VDA (amplifier). You can also add a rich expressiveness to a performance by altering the
sound using the key touch velocity, or by adjusting the brightness of the sound or the depth of the
vibrato using MIDI modulation messages.
Rich, large-scale ensembles with 64-voice polyphony
The X5DR's 64-voice polyphonic capability allows you to create complex ensemble and
large-scale orchestral sounds. Combinations of multiple Programs and features in Multi mode will
help you achieve such effects. The X5DR can simulate a magnificent piano sound, replete with a
damper pedal, and ensembles of various instrumental parts without any notes cutting off.
236 Programs in Banks A and G
Bank A contains 100 Programs and Bank G contains 136 General MIDI (GM) compatible
Programs. You can store your own Programs in Bank A.
Programs comprise the basic sounds of the X5DR. You can play different Programs in a song; you
can even layer them in Combinations.
One Hundred Combination Slots Allow for an Endless Variety of Programs
Up to 100 Combinations can be stored in the X5DR. Up to eight Programs can be assigned to each
Combination. In Combinations, you can layer or split multiple Programs by setting the Key
Window or Velocity Window parameters.
Combinations are powerful sound tools, especially for live performance. The Combination types
layer, split, and velocity switch provide various sound structures.
Drum Kits Support a Variety of Rhythms
The X5DR provides 215 types of popular drum sounds, including both standard drum and
percussion sounds. You can create two Drum Kits by assigning different drum sounds to each key
on the keyboard. There are also eight ROM Drum Kits available.
Synthesis System
Synthesis System for all digital processing. From the tone
Synthesis System is technology developed by
Synthesis System


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