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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual Page 19

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Start-up Guide
This is a Program for a rhythm part (Drum Program), with a different sound assigned to
each key on the keyboard. The A09:[KrazyKit] Program contains not only drum sounds but
human voices and various effect sounds. When you play key C3 on the keyboard, the sound
does not stop—rather, the sound volume increases. Play key B2 to stop this sound.
A17:Velo Flute
This Program is a unique sound that simulates the sound of a flute. Play this Program with
different key velocities to change the tonal expression. You can also add vibrato effects by
sending modulation information.
This Program has a sparkling attack, unique to digital synthesizers. The X5DR offers
metallic and clear sounds, such as in this Program. Key touch affects the brightness of the
sound. It is very effective when used like an electric piano.
This is a powerful distorted guitar sound (amplifier distortion). As the name suggests, the
sound gradually changes to feedback. It sounds a lot like a guitar with a fully-cranked amp.
Try some guitar solos using modulation and pitch bend. The Delay effect can also be used
to great advantage.
A90:Universe X
This fantastic synth sound combines the soft sound of a female chorus with a sparkling
tremolo-like sound. Combine different types of sounds for interesting variations, and
expand your collection of creative sounds.
The Programs described above represent only a few of the Preset a Programs. Try several different
Programs and enjoy the great sounds of the X5DR.
<<About Drum Kits>>
The following Programs use a Drum Kit: A09:[KrazyKit], A19:[ComboKit], and G129:GM Kit
through G136:Orch Kit.
A Drum Kit is a Program that consists of different drum sounds assigned to each key on the
keyboard. Therefore, one Drum Kit can play various drum and percussion sounds, instead of
playing scales. The X5DR has 8 Drum Kits in ROM and 2 Drum Kits in RAM. To play one of
these kits, select one in a Program. (First, set 0A OSC Mode in Program Edit mode to DRUMS,
then select the desirable kit for 1A OSC1 SOUND.) (See page 53, 79, 80). You can edit the sound
key assignments and settings of the Drum Kits in Global mode. (See page 53, 158).
<<About Preset Data>>
The X5DR has high quality preset sound data. There are two types of preset data: PRE-a and
PRE-b, and each contains 100 Programs, 100 Combinations, and 2 Drum Kits. Preset data PRE-a
is pre-loaded as the factory setting. To listen to or use PRE-b sounds, you need to load the preset
data PRE-b. Refer to "Loading Preset Data" on page 20, 156 for details.


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