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HP Visualize b1000 - Workstation Handbook: Obtaining And Updating System Firmware; To Install The firmware Update

Hp visualize b1000 and c3000 workstations service handbook.
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Obtaining and Updating System Firmware

To update a system's firmware, the firmware patch must be obtained from the patch server
website at or
The patch file is a combined shar'ed file that contains an ASCII cataloging file, a readme
type ASCII file, and the firmware LIF binary file. The LIF volume is bootable to ODE
which in turns runs the UPDATER utility to download the firmware image files.
Creating the Firmware Update Tape (on any HP-UX system)
Step 1. Verify the checksum of the file ".FRM" using the "sum" command. Results of the
command should be equal to the "sum" value as documented in the header of this
Step 2. Use the "dd" command to copy the file "CXXXXXXX.FRM" to tape, as follows: dd
if=CXXXXXX.FRM of=/dev/rmt/0m bs=2k
NOTE: Blocksize (bs) must be = 2k
Identify Current Version of Firmware (on system to be updated)
Step 1. Re-boot your system and do the following:
a. Interrupt the boot process and from the Boot Console Handler prompt, type
<information> and press [return].
b. Identify your firmware revision. The last two digits in the patch name indicate
the revision. In this case, X.X is the revision. If the revision on your system is
equal to or higher than X.X, do not proceed with the update.
To install the firmware update
The following are the directions from the readme file that are the firmware updating
instructions for a DAT tape drive:
Step 1. Install the tape you have just created into your tape drive.
Step 2. Shutdown your system via the power switch and power back on, or execute the
reboot command resetting your system.
Step 3. When the display reads "Searching for a system to boot" press [escape]. At the
BOOT ADMIN prompt, type search and press
device path.
Step 4. Boot from the appropriate boot path. (You must boot from the device that
contains the firmware update tape.) When the display reads "Interact with
IPL (Y, N, Q)>", type N and press
Chapter 6
Obtaining and Updating System Firmware
(device path dependent)
Boot Console Handler
to identify the tape




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