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Preparing Machine - MAGIMIX NESPRESSO M150 Manual

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Electrical Instructions for UK and Republic of Ireland only
Always replace the fuse cover of the fitted plug, never use the plug
with the fuse cover omitted. If a replacement fuse cover is required, ensure it is the
same as the one visible on the pin face of the plug (i.e. RED OR ORANGE).
Fuse covers are available from:
Po Box 110
Farnham Surrey GU 104XL
Phone: 01252 727755
Use a 3A fuse approved by ASTA to BS1362, marked thus
For Duo chromed only:
a plug with a bared flexible cord is hazardous if engaged in a live
socket. If the fitted plug has been cut from the power supply cord, it should be
destroyed and replaced with a three pin plug in accordance with the following
BLUE: neutral
BROWN: live
The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal in the plug which
is marked with the letter "N" or coloured BLUE or BLACK.
The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal in the plug
which is marked with the letter "L" or coloured BROWN or RED which is connected
to the fuse.
The wire which is coloured GREEN/YELLOW should be connected to the terminal
marked with the letter "E", or by the earth symbol
or coloured GREEN or
Safety Instructions
Read these instructions carefully
before using your Nespresso
Do not plug the machine into anything other
than a grounded electrical socket. Verify that
the voltage indicated on the technical specifi-
cations plate on the bottom of the unit corres-
ponds to your electrical installation.
Do not place your Nespresso machine on a
hot surface (an electrical heating plate for
example) or near a flame.
Do not remove the capsule holder from the
spout ring while the machine is functioning
since the extraction of coffee is done under
high pressure.
Do not use the machine without the drip tray
and grill in place.
Remove the plug when cleaning your machine.
Ensure that the electrical cord does not come
into contact with sharp or hot objects. Do not
disconnect the electrical plug by pulling on
the cord.
Avoid touching the electrical cord as well as
any other part which may become hot during
the use of the machine (steam nozzle, chrome
portion of capsule holder).
Never plunge the machine in water.
Keep the machine and the electrical cord out
of children's reach.
For descaling, adhere to the directions which
Do not use the machine if it is damaged or if
the cord is in bad condition.
The cord or any other defective element must
be replaced exclusively by an authorized
after-sales service centre. Under no circum-
stances should you open the machine yourself.
The machine is delivered with a range of acces-
1 hexagonal key to remove the capsule cage,
1 cleaning tool,
2 Nespresso cups.
Equally included are 4 varieties of Nespresso
coffee (4 x 10 capsules) allowing you to use the
machine immediately.
For further information concerning the different
varieties of Nespresso coffee and to order cap-
sules, contact your Nespresso Club at the address
found on your machine or in the «Welcome-pack».
Preparing the machine
Remove the water tank by lifting it out by its
lid (1) and fill it with water (2).
Maximum capacity : 1.2 l = about 24
Nespresso espresso cups or about 12
cappuccino cups.
Applying light pressure to facilitate the ope-
ning of the bottom valve, put the water tank
back into place (3) and close the lid (4).
Since water quality is essential to a good
Nespresso, we recommend that you:
Use fresh tap water.
Change the water in the tank daily.
Clean the tank at least once a week.

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