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NEC VERSA 2600 Service Manual

Versa 2600 series
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NEC Versa 2600 Series
Service Guide
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 NEC Versa 2600 Series Service Guide Art Copy Version...
  • Page 2 Versa is a U.S. registered trademark of NEC Technologies, Inc.; all are used under license by NEC Computer Systems Division (NECCSD), Packard Bell NEC, Inc. All other product, brand, or trade names used in this publication are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective trademark owners.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Hardware Overview — Front..................1-2 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)................1-2 Power Button .......................1-4 Power and Status LEDs ..................1-4 Keyboard ......................1-5 NEC VersaGlide ....................1-5 CD-ROM Reader and Diskette Drive ..............1-6 Hardware Overview — Right Side ................1-6 PC Card Slots .......................1-7 Kensington Lock....................1-7 Hardware Overview — Left Side .................1-7 Hardware Overview —...
  • Page 4 Contents Parallel Interface ......................1-15 Serial Interface......................1-16 NEC Versa Chip Set ....................1-16 Intel Pentium P55CLM Microprocessor ..............1-16 256K X Flash ROM ....................1-16 ROM BIOS....................1-17 VGA Controller ....................1-17 Keyboard Controller .....................1-18 PC Card Controller ....................1-18 Sound Integrated Circuit ..................1-18 Interrupt Controllers .....................1-19 Power Management Overview ..................1-20...
  • Page 5 Contents Status Icons ....................2-12 Function Keys (Fn Keys)..................2-13 Updating the System BIOS ................2-13 Power-On Self -Test (POST) ..................2-14 POST Errors......................2-15 Setup Utility ........................2-16 Setup Utility......................2-17 How to Enter Setup ..................2-17 How to Use Setup..................2-17 The Setup Screen...................2-17 Using Keys ......................2-18 Checking/Setting System Parameters..............2-19 Using Power Management ..................2-25 Power Saving Modes ..................2-25...
  • Page 6 Ordering Information from FaxFlash ................4-23 Appendix A Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Appendix B Video Modes List of Figures NEC Versa 2600 Series Notebook ..............1-1 Front View..................... 1-3 Keyboard Layout ................... 1-5 VersaGlide Location ..................1-6 Right Side Features ..................1-6 Left Side Features ..................
  • Page 7 Sound Board Layout ..................A-3 List of Tables Model Configurations NEC Versa 2600 Series..........1-2 Memory Map ....................1-14 NEC Versa 2600 Series Chip Types and Technologies ........1-16 Interrupt Controllers ..................1-19 DMA Channel....................1-20 Automatic Power-Saving Features ..............1-20 Specifications....................
  • Page 8: Quick Troubleshooting

    Contents Quick Troubleshooting................... 3-1 NEC Versa 2600 Series Disassembly Sequence ..........4-4 NEC Versa 2600 Series Field-Replaceable Parts..........4-20 NEC Service and Information Telephone Numbers......... 4-22 CPU Board Connector ................... A-1 Main Board Connectors ................. A-2 Sound Board Connectors ................A-3 Keyboard/Mouse Connectors .................
  • Page 9: Preface

    NEC Versa 2655CDT. The manual also provides hardware and interface information for users who need an over- view of the system design. The manual is written for NEC-trained customer engineers, sys- tem analysts, service center personnel, and dealers. The manual is organized as follows:...
  • Page 10: Section 1 Technical Information

    Section 1 Technical Information The NEC Versa 2600 Series notebook computers are lightweight, compact, and fully IBM compatible. The latest additions to the NEC Versa 2600 family include the following models: NEC Versa 2630CD NEC Versa 2635CD NEC Versa 2650CD...
  • Page 11: Hardware Overview-Front

    Super VGA, uses a 64 bit accelerator with a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) interface. The LCD also supports VESA timing. The NEC Versa 2630CD, 26535CD, 2650CD and 2655CD LCD features the following: 12.1-inch Dual-STN, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube (CCFT) Super VGA color 0.30 mm dot pitch...
  • Page 12: Front View

    Technical Information 18-bit digital interface 800 x 600 resolution 64,000 colors Slide bar that adjust screen brightness. Additional LCD panel features include a slide switch which controls adjusts screen bright- ness. LCD Panel LCD Slide Bar Status Power LEDs Button VersaGlide Speaker Speaker...
  • Page 13: Power Button

    Failure to do so can result in data loss. Hard Disk Drive – Lights when the NEC Versa 2600 writes data to or retrieves data from the hard disk drive. CD-ROM Reader – Lights when data is read from a compact disc in the CD-...
  • Page 14: Keyboard

    Figure Section 1-3 Keyboard Layout NEC VersaGlide The NEC VersaGlide is a built-in mechanism that functions as the system’s mouse. It con- trols the on-screen pointer (cursor). To use the VersaGlide, move your finger across the NEC VersaGlide pad, and the cursor follows. The buttons below the NEC VersaGlide al- low the user to select or deselect menu items.
  • Page 15: Cd-Rom Reader And Diskette Drive

    A 10X CD-ROM reader and 1.44-MB diskette drive come installed in the NEC Versa 2600 Series on the front of the computer. HARDWARE OVERVIEW—RIGHT SIDE Review the following section for a description of the hardware on the right side of the NEC Versa. PC Card...
  • Page 16: Pc Card Slots

    Kensington Lock The Kensington Lock Port gives the user the option to add an optional Kensington Lock. HARDWARE OVERVIEW—LEFT SIDE Review the following section for a description of the hardware on the left side of the NEC Versa. Line In...
  • Page 17: Hardware Overview-Rear

    This port provides a connection for NEC Versa options including the NEC Versa Port Rep- licator 2600. Monitor (Video) Port Use this 15-pin port to attach an external monitor to your NEC Versa. You can run the LCD display and the external monitor simultaneously or run either alone. Parallel Port (LPT1) The 25-pin printer port provides a parallel interface to which you can connect a parallel printer or pocket network adapter.
  • Page 18: Serial Port (Com1)

    (NiMH) as its transient power source. The battery pack installs in the compartment next to the CD ROM reader on the front of the NEC Versa. The Li-Ion battery stores 14.4 volts with a 2700 mAh capacity and the NiMH stores 9.6 volts with a 3500 mAh capacity.
  • Page 19: Hard Disk Drive

    The 3.5-inch 1.44-MB diskette drive is located in the front right of the system. 10X CD-ROM Reader A 10X CD-ROM reader ships with all NEC Versa 2600 Series models. This ten-speed CD- ROM reader features the latest in CD-ROM technology. It is located in the front center of the system.
  • Page 20: Cpu Board

    CPU Board The CPU board is an L-shaped board situated under the keyboard. The NEC Versa 2630CD and 2635CD models ship with Intel’s P54CSLM/133 MHz with 66 MHz bus speed. Modes 2650CD, 2655CD 2650CDT and 2655CDT ship with P55CLM/150 MHz MMX with 60 MHz bus speed.
  • Page 21: Sound Board

    1-12 Technical Information Sound Board The sound board provides the NEC Versa system with its audio capabilities via line-in and headphone/microphone jacks. It is situated on top of the I/O board. The sound board inte- grates the following features. Figure Section 1-9 Sound Board Layout...
  • Page 22: I/O Board

    Technical Information 1-13 I/O Board The system I/O board contains peripheral subsystems including serial, parallel and video ports, PC card controller and charger. Figure Section 1-10 I/O Board layout Bridge Battery The NiMH battery (3.6 Volts, 60 mAh capacity) is attached to CN23 on the underside of the Main board.
  • Page 23: System Memory

    1-14 Technical Information SYSTEM MEMORY The system board provides 16-MB of standard random access memory (RAM). Optional memory DIMMS with a value of 8-, 16-, or 32-MB can be added to increase sys- tem memory up to a maximum of 80-MB (70ns Fast Page access or HyperPage access). The DIMMS must be added in pairs of the same capacity.
  • Page 24: System Video

    Technical Information 1-15 SYSTEM VIDEO The system's LCD operates using the Chips and Technologies 65550B VGA Controller. Video signals travel from the controller through the system's 15-pin D-SUB connector us- ing 5 volts. System video integrates a PCI-bus interface. The system ships with 1 MB on TFT units and 1.5MB on DSTN of Video RAM (VRAM).
  • Page 25: Serial Interface

    100-pin PQFP Intel Pentium P55CLM Microprocessor The 133 MHz Intel Pentium microprocessor used in the NEC Versa series computer is built on Intel’s advanced 3.3V BiCMOS silicon technology. The CPU has power management features. NEC adopted the chip specifically for its pipelined Floating Point Unit (FPU), and local interrupt management.
  • Page 26: Rom Bios

    Technical Information 1-17 The N28F020 provides the system upgrade capability as well as the following: 256 KB memory Quick-Pulse Programming Algorithm 150 nanoseconds (ns) maximum access time ETOX Nonvolatile flash technology CMOS low power consumption ROM BIOS The system uses a Flash ROM known as the system's ROM BIOS to store machine lan- guage programs.
  • Page 27: Keyboard Controller

    1-18 Technical Information Keyboard Controller The keyboard controller (H8/3434) supports a PS/2-style keyboard, mouse and password security feature. Refer to Appendix A for keyboard interface connector pin assignments. When data is written to the output buffer, the controller generates an interrupt, and requests the CPU to receive the data.
  • Page 28: Interrupt Controllers

    Technical Information 1-19 Interrupt Controllers Using interrupts, it is possible to change the system’s code sequence. To change the se- quence, reassign the interrupt-levels. Fifteen interrupts can be used with a cascade connec- tion of two 82C59 interrupt controllers. Interrupt-level assignments 0 through 15 are listed in Table Section 1-4, in order of decreasing priority.
  • Page 29: Power Management Overview

    Not Used POWER MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW Power Management in the NEC Versa lets you conserve energy, save battery power, extend the life of your LCD backlight, and protect against data loss due to low battery power. Set some features to function automatically or activate them manually with the keyboard or a button.
  • Page 30: System Power Management

    PLUG AND PLAY The NEC Versa features Plug and Play functionality. Plug and Play is the ability of the BIOS and/or operating system to dynamically assign system resources to a newly installed device without user intervention.
  • Page 31: Specifications

    1-22 Technical Information SPECIFICATIONS Table Section 1-7 provides a complete list of NEC Versa series system specifications. Table Section 1-7 Specifications Item Specification Chassis Configuration Size Width: 11.7 in. (303 mm) Depth: 9.04 in. (229.5 mm) Height: 2.05-inch (52.0 mm) Weight: 6.8 to 7.3 lb (3.1 to 3.3 kg), Exact weight depends on...
  • Page 32 External Keyboard/External Mouse — 1 port, PS/2, 6-pin MiniDin (input facility will not support both devices at the same time) Expansion — 1 port, 200 pins for optional NEC Port Replicator 2600 Mono MIC IN — 1 port, 3-pin, Mini Pin Jack Stereo Headphones —...
  • Page 33 (TFT), Super VGA (SVGA) backlit color LCD, 800 x 600 pixels resolution, 0.3 mm dot pitch, 64,000 colors NEC Versa 2530CD, 2635CD, 2650CD and 2655CD models 12.1-inch DSTN color LCD, 800 x 600 pixels, 0.3 mm dot pitch, 64,000 colors...
  • Page 34 Technical Information 1-25 Table Section 1-7 Specifications Item Specification Software ® Standard Window 95, or MS-DOS version 6.22 ® Windows for Workgroups version 3.11 McAfee VirusScan™ McAfee WebScan™ ® Official Airline Guide (OAG PointCast Network Netscape Navigator ® LapLink Traveling Software VideoSaver™...
  • Page 35 1-26 Technical Information Table Section 1-7 Specifications Item Specification Allowable Vibration Operation 5 to 150Hz, 0.25G, XYZ 3 Directions Drop Testing Packed Height: 90cm 10 - 15Kg 1 cornor, 3 edges, 6 faces Administrative Compliance U.S.: FCC, UL Canada: CSA, DOC Germany: VDE, TUV, CE Australia: AS for AC adapter only Other Compliance...
  • Page 36: Section 2 Setup And Operation

    The power switch turns the system on or off. Press to turn it on; press again to turn it off. Power Port Power Cable Adapter Figure 2-1 AC Adapter Connect the AC adapter cable to the power port on back of the NEC Versa.
  • Page 37: Powering On The System

    Setup and Operation Plug one end of the AC power cable into the AC adapter and the other end into a properly grounded 120- or 240-volt wall outlet. NOTE Do not cover or place objects on the AC adapter. This will allow heat to dissipate properly.
  • Page 38: Cable Connections

    Table 2-1 I/O Connector Descriptions I/O Connector Function IR Port The infrared port allows the transfer of files between the NEC Versa and an IR-equipped computer, or printing to an IR-equipped printer without using cables. Keyboard/Mouse Port Connects to a PS/2-style mouse, or a 101-key, external PS/2-style keyboard.
  • Page 39: Power Sources

    The following sections summarize the power sources. Using the AC Adapter Use the AC adapter and power cable that came with the NEC Versa to run the computer on alternating current (AC) power, or to recharge the battery pack. Use the AC adapter when- ever a wall outlet is nearby.
  • Page 40: Using The Main Battery Pack

    AC power using the AC adapter. This will also recharge your battery. Your NEC Versa 2600 Series system provides two tools to help you keep track of the main battery's power level: Battery Gauge utility, which lets you quickly identify how much battery power...
  • Page 41: How To Recharge The Battery Pack

    Setup and Operation Push the battery pack into the bay until the locking latch on the bottom of the system clicks into place. How to Recharge the Battery Pack When battery power gets low, connect your system to the AC adapter and AC power to re- charge the battery pack.
  • Page 42: Replacing The Battery Pack

    Replacing the Battery Pack Replace the battery pack installed in your NEC Versa 2600 system as follows. Save your files, exit Windows, and turn off system power. Close the LCD and turn the system over.
  • Page 43: Battery Life

    Inserting Battery Pack Turn the system over, open the LCD panel, and power on the system. Battery Life The NEC Versa 2600 battery life, on a single charge, is as follows. For NiMH batteries 2 4 hours, with power management enabled...
  • Page 44: Battery Charging

    Setup and Operation Battery Charging The time to completely recharge your main battery is approximately 3 hours whether the system is powered on or powered off as follows: For maximum battery performance, fully discharge the battery before recharging it. To do so, unplug the AC adapter, turn off power management features (through Setup and Win- dows), and turn on the system.
  • Page 45: Battery Disposal

    Internal Batteries Your nickel metal-hydride or lithium Ion battery is the main power source in your NEC Versa 2600 computer. Appendix B lists NiMH and Li-Ion battery specifications. In addition to this battery, a bridge battery provide power for system backup.
  • Page 46: Operating Controls

    Connect this port to a Line-in port on another audio system to play or record. Line-In Use a cable to connect to the Line-Out port on another audio system. AC Port Use the power jack to attach the NEC Versa to a DC power source.
  • Page 47: Status Icons And Leds

    2-12 Setup and Operation Status Icons and LEDs The NEC Versa status information is located in the rear center of the system. Figure 2-8 shows the status icons. Power Hard CD-ROM Diskette Disk Drive Reader Drive Caps Battery Lock Lock...
  • Page 48: Function Keys (Fn Keys)

    (or Use Fn- F10/PadLk Updating the System BIOS Use the following steps to update the NEC Versa system BIOS with the BIOS Update diskette (BUD). Specifically, the BIOS is the code transmitted onto your system’s micro- processor, or central processing unit (CPU).
  • Page 49: Power-On Self-Test (Post)

    Setup and Operation NOTE You only need to update the BIOS if NEC makes significant improvements or fixes to the current system BIOS. If you determine that the default BIOS needs an upgrade, to receive a copy of the BUD...
  • Page 50: Post Errors

    Setup and Operation 2-15 POST Errors Error messages appear during POST when configuration information does not match the settings stored in memory. Error message also appear if the system loses the configuration information due to hardware failure. Refer to Table 2-4 for a description of POST error messages. Table 2-4 POST Error Messages MESSAGE WHAT TO DO...
  • Page 51: Setup Utility

    Display related errors usually require a system board replacement. SETUP UTILITY The NEC Versa 2600 Setup program lets you view and set system parameters. Setup also in- cludes security features that protect your system from unauthorized use. Use Setup to...
  • Page 52: How To Enter Setup

    <Fn - Esc> to enter System Configuration Utility NOTE key is located on the lower-left of the NEC Versa 2600 keyboard. The is located on the upper-left of the NEC Versa 2600 keyboard. When you press Fn Esc and enter Setup, the system automatically displays current system parameter settings.
  • Page 53: Using Keys

    2-18 Setup and Operation Menu Bar Each of the seven menu items has its own drop-down screen, where you may view and edit the system configuration settings. System Information The left part of the screen. This area describes the current hardware, battery status, and password setting.
  • Page 54: Checking/Setting System Parameters

    Setup and Operation 2-19 Checking/Setting System Parameters See the following table for a list of parameters, their factory default settings, and alternate settings. As you hightlight each parameter, its available settings are explained in the Item- Specific Help in the bottom of the screen. Reset the parameters on the displayed screen to their factory default settings, selecting De- fault Values on the Exit screen.
  • Page 55 2-20 Setup and Operation Table 2-6 Setup Parameters Alternate Default Settings Parameter Setting Audio DMAC DMA1 DMA0 Midi Port 330h 300h, 320h, Disabled Speaker Enabled Disabled (unchecked) (checked) Security no password user defined Password U.S.A. U.K., French, Germany, Keyboard Type Japanese Typmatic Delay 500 ms...
  • Page 56: Startup Menu

    Setup and Operation 2-21 Table 2-6 Setup Parameters Alternate Default Settings Parameter Setting Miscellaneous Low battery beep Enabled Disabled (unchecked) (checked) One Time, Every Day Wake Up Alarm Disabled User input Hour Minute User input L2 Cache Enabled Disabled (unchecked) (checked) Exit To save the...
  • Page 57 2-22 Setup and Operation Boot Display Lets you specify the system display screen as the NEC Versa 2600 LCD screen (the default), an external CRT display, or both. Power Switch Lets you determine how the Power Switch (located on the hinge beneath the LCD display) functions after the NEC Versa 2600 is powered on.
  • Page 58 (The check mark should be removed Enter from the word “Password” on the Security drop-down menu.) These menu settings control how the NEC Versa 2600 keyboard functions, and includes the following options: Keyboard Type Lets you select the desired keyboard format. U.S.A. is the default.
  • Page 59 10%, and every 60 seconds, when battery power falls to 5%. Wake Up Alarm Lets you specify Resume time for your NEC Versa 2600 anytime of day from Suspend mode one time only or everyday at the same time.
  • Page 60: Using Power Management

    Using Power Management Power Management in the NEC Versa 2600 lets you conserve energy, save battery power, extend the life of your LCD backlight, and protect against data loss due to low battery power.
  • Page 61: Power Management Settings

    2-26 Setup and Operation To end Suspend mode and return to Active mode, press the Power button on the hinge beneath the LCD panel and restart the system. You can set your system to enter Standby or Suspend modes automatically after a specified number of minutes of system inactivity.
  • Page 62: Section 3 Troubleshooting

    Section 3 Troubleshooting This section focuses on providing you with some information on basic troubleshooting as well as how to translate some system error messages. QUICK TROUBLESHOOTING The following table summarizes problems that may develop during system operation and lists suggested corrective actions. Table 3-1 Quick Troubleshooting Problem Corrective Actions...
  • Page 63 Troubleshooting Table 3-1 Quick Troubleshooting Problem Corrective Actions Battery power does not last long Make sure that power management features are enabled. Recharge the battery pack for 1½ hours before using again. Replace the battery pack. System halts during boot sequence Check the condition of selected boot device (diskette or hard disk) for bad boot track or incorrect OS files.
  • Page 64 If the PC card is a Type II card, install it in the system’s other PC card slot. Replace the PC card. Replace the main board. NEC VersaGlide doesn’t work Check that the mouse driver is properly installed. Check that the VersaGlide cable inside the system is inserted properly.
  • Page 65: Helpful Questions

    Troubleshooting HELPFUL QUESTIONS Here are some helpful questions to ask when troubleshooting the system: Is there any external power source connected to the computer? Is the battery fully charged? Is the computer turned on and the Power LED activated? Are the LCD display controls set to the minimum level? Is the LCD display switched to the external monitor? Are all cables and devices connected properly and securely? Are all needed device drivers installed properly?
  • Page 66: Section 4 Field Service Guidelines

    “Illustrated Parts Breakdown” contains an exploded view diagram and a listing of field replaceable parts with part numbers. “Service and Product Information” lists NEC service and information telephone numbers. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Preventive maintenance is limited to cleaning the plastic case, the keyboard, the display screen, and the diskette drive heads as required.
  • Page 67: Cleaning The Notebook Exterior

    4-2 Field Service Guidelines Cleaning the Notebook Exterior Use the steps below to clean the outer surface of the system. Power off the system and remove all battery packs. Unplug all cables connected to the system. Wipe the outside of the system, keyboard, and display with a soft, clean cloth. Remove stains with a damp, almost dry cloth.
  • Page 68: Handling The Battery Packs

    Field Service Guidelines 4-3 Never turn the computer off when the hard disk is being accessed. Never move or raise the computer while the hard disk is being accessed. Be especially careful not to jar the hard disk during access; this can cause a hard disk crash.
  • Page 69: Disassembly And Reassembly

    The Illustrated Parts Breakdown and parts lists for the system unit are shown later. For complete disassembly of the system, follow the disassembly order listed in Table 4-1. To reassemble, follow the table in reverse order. Table 4-1 NEC Versa 2600 Series Disassembly Sequence Sequence Part See Page...
  • Page 70: Required Tools And Equipment

    Rubber finger tip Right angled dentist style probe. Battery Pack Remove the battery pack installed in the NEC Versa 2600 system as follows. Make sure the power is off. Close the LCD and turn the system over. Press the battery release latch and slide the battery out of the system.
  • Page 71: Hard Disk Drive

    4-6 Field Service Guidelines Hard Disk Drive Make sure your NEC Versa is powered off, all external options are disconnected, and the LCD panel is closed. Then perform the following steps: NOTE The NEC Versa must be powered off while the hard drive is being removed and installed.
  • Page 72: Keyboard

    Field Service Guidelines 4-7 Hard Drive Figure 4-4 Remove Hard Disk Drive (Step 3) Keyboard Remove the keyboard from the system as follows. Insert a fine flat head ceramic tip screwdriver between the following keys to re- lease the four locking tabs that secure the keyboard. Ctrl Space Bar Space Bar...
  • Page 73: Removing The Keyboard

    4-8 Field Service Guidelines Figure 4-5 Removing the Keyboard...
  • Page 74: Heat Shield And Cpu Board

    Field Service Guidelines 4-9 Heat Shield and CPU Board Removing the CPU board entails, first removing the heat sink and heat shield as follows. Figure 4-6 Removing the Heat Sink/Shield Subassembly NOTE When disassembling the laptop keep screws and stand offs with their proper subassemblies to insure proper reassembly.
  • Page 75: Removing The Cpu Board

    4-10 Field Service Guidelines To lift out the heat sink/shield subassembly. Lift at the location shown in Figure 4-6 and gently move this corner in a clockwise direction while lifting up on the heat/shield subassembly and at the same time gently apply a slight outward press to the plastic forward of the inboard right latch cover.
  • Page 76: Lcd And Top Cover

    Field Service Guidelines 4-11 LCD and Top Cover Remove the LCD and top cover as follows. Remove the front plates as follows. Remove the two front plates from the hand rest area on the laptop. It is rec- ommended that you wear a rubber finger tip for gripping ease and slide the plates from the laptop.
  • Page 77: Removing The Lcd Assembly (Step 2)

    4-12 Field Service Guidelines Remove a screw from each of the outside hinge cover slots and one from the lower left of the keyboard frame. Remove two screw covers on the back of the laptop, under each screw cover re- move two screws.
  • Page 78: Versaglide Assembly

    Field Service Guidelines 4-13 At this point the following components maybe removed from the unit independently. Sound Board VersaGlide LED Status Board IR board The Sound Board must be removed to disassemble the computer further (i.e. CD-ROM Reader, Bridge Battery, FDD/HDD Connector Board, Diskette Drive, Power Board and Main Board).
  • Page 79: Sound Board

    4-14 Field Service Guidelines Remove the VersaGlide by inserting a flat head screwdriver into the openings lo- cated at each rear corner. Press down on the retaining tabs and slide the VersaGlide forward as far a possible hold the switch on the front of the VersaGlide in position when removing VersaGlide.
  • Page 80: Removing The Cd-Rom Reader

    Field Service Guidelines 4-15 Disconnect the following cables at connectors CN15, CN25 and CN26. Figure 4-11 Removing the CD-ROM Reader Remove six screws securing the CD-ROM and heat shield. Figure 4-12 Removing the CD-ROM Reader Assembly Screws...
  • Page 81: Bridge Battery And Diskette And Hard Drive Connector Board

    4-16 Field Service Guidelines Remove the gasket. Remove the CD-ROM and heat shield by lifting straight up from the assembly. To remove the CD-ROM from the heat shield, do the following. turn the CD-ROM and heat shield assembly so the bottom of the CD-ROM is facing up with the door pointing towards you.
  • Page 82: Diskette Drive

    Field Service Guidelines 4-17 Figure 4-13 Removing the Bridge Battery and FDD/HDD Connector Board To remove the FDD/HDD connector board, remove two screws followed by the retaining bracket remove two stand offs disengage the FDD/HDD board from the Main board. Diskette Drive Remove the Diskette Drive as follows.
  • Page 83: Power Board

    ILLUSTRATED PARTS BREAKDOWN The next section contains the NEC part numbers and illustrated parts breakdown (IPB) fig- ure for the NEC Versa. Figure 4-14 shows the system exploded view diagram, or IPB. Ta- ble 4-2 lists field-replaceable parts and corresponding part numbers.
  • Page 84: Nec Versa 2600 Series Illustrated Parts Breakdown

    Field Service Guidelines 4-19 Figure 4-14 NEC Versa 2600 Series Illustrated Parts Breakdown Models 2630CD (PC-6600-41703), 2635CD (PC-6610-41703), 2650CD (PC-6620-41803), 2655CD (PC-6630-41803), 2650CDT (PC-6620-91803), & 2655CDT (PC-6630-91803)
  • Page 85 4-20 Field Service Guidelines Table 4-2 NEC Versa 2600 Series Field-Replaceable Parts (Models 2630CD, 2635CD, 2650CD, 2655CD, 2650CDT & 2655CDT) Item Part Number 1. CPU Board 133MHz Assembly 3RE0B13512240 150MHz Assembly 3RE0B13512850 2. Audio Board Assembly (Sound Board) 3RE0B13512260 3. Bottom Lid Assembly 3RE0123503160 4.
  • Page 86 Field Service Guidelines 4-21 Table 4-2 NEC Versa 2600 Series Field-Replaceable Parts (Models 2630CD, 2635CD, 2650CD, 2655CD, 2650CDT & 2655CDT) (cont’d) 22. Main Battery (Li-Ion in 133 MHz models) 3RE4D25000213 (in 150 MHz models) 3RE4D25000270 23. PCMCIA Cover 3RE2129500881 24. CMOS/Bridge Battery 3RE4D25000140 25.
  • Page 87: Service Information

    TECHNICAL SUPPORT NECCSD Customer Service Response Center provides an E-mail service for Internet users. Technical questions regarding NEC products can be sent over the Internet system to the Center. The Internet address is as follows: If it is more convenient, questions may also be faxed to the Customer Service Response Center.
  • Page 88: Product Information

    Field Service Guidelines 4-23 PRODUCT INFORMATION NEC FaxFlash is an automated electronic information service used to obtain up-to-date product application notes, installation procedures, troubleshooting tips, data sheets, techni- cal information bulletins, price lists, and other information. Information can be obtained from the FaxFlash service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Us- ing a touch-tone telephone, call the FaxFlash number, order the desired information through the automated attendant, and FaxFlash will automatically fax the information.
  • Page 89 4-24 Field Service Guidelines For international use, first enter the international long distance access number (011), your country code, area code or city code, then your fax number. The information requested will be sent automatically to your fax machine. If FaxFlash at- tempts to send the second order before the first order is completed, the order could be can- celed.
  • Page 90: Appendix A Connector Locations And Pin Assignments

    Appendix A Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Figure A-1 and Table A-1 show CPU board connectors. The remaining tables provide pin assignments for additional system connectors. Figure A-1 CPU Board Layout Table A-1 CPU Board Connector Connector Description Main Board Connector...
  • Page 91: Main Board Layout

    Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Figure A-2 Main Board Layout Table A-2 Main Board Connectors Connector Description LCD Connector LCD Connector Monitor Connector PC Card Connector CN10 Keyboard Connector CN11 Keyboard Connector CN12 Parallel Connector CN13 Serial Connector CN18 HDD Connector CN19 FDD Connector CN20...
  • Page 92: Sound Board Layout

    Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Figure A-3 Sound Board Layout Table A-3 Sound Board Connectors Connector Description CN409 Line In Connector CN402 Microphone Connector CN401 Headphone Connector CN405 Main Board Connector CN406 VersaGlide Connector CN407 VersaGlide Connector CN403 Speaker Connector Table A-4 Keyboard/Mouse Connectors Signal Keyboard Data...
  • Page 93 Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Table A-5 Serial Port Connector Pin Assignments Signal Data Carrier Receive Data Transmit Data Data Terminal Ready Ground Data Set Ready Request to Send Clear to Send Ring Indicator Table A-6 CRT Connector Pin Assignments Signal Green Blue...
  • Page 94 Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Table A-7 Parallel Printer Pin Assignments Signal - Strobe Data Bit 0 Data Bit 1 Data Bit 2 Data Bit 3 Data Bit 4 Data Bit 5 Data Bit 6 Data Bit 7 - Acknowledge Busy Select - Auto Feed XT...
  • Page 95 Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Table A-9 Hard Disk Drive Connector Signal HDD Access LED Chip Select 0 Chip Select 1 Address 0 Address 2 Address 1 Diagnostic Not Used Not Used Not Used IO Channel Ready MS Select IO Write I/O Read Not Used Data 0...
  • Page 96 Connector Locations and Pin Assignments Table A-9 Hard Disk Drive Connector Signal Data4 Ground Data4 Ground Data5 Ground Data10 Ground Data6 Ground Data9 Ground Data7 Not Used Ground Ground RESET Ground...
  • Page 97 Index Extending battery life, 2-8 AC adapter, 2-4 AC power port, 1-9 Field-replaceable parts list, 4-18 Active mode, 1-21, 2-25 Flash ROM, 1-17 Automatic power saving features, 1-20 Function keys, 2-13 Backup system disk, 4-2 Handling battery packs, 4-3 Battery charging time, 2-9 Hard disk drive, 1-10 Battery life, 2-8 specifications, 1-10...
  • Page 98 Power switch, 2-11 Monitor port, 1-8 Power-on self test (POST), 2-14 Mouse port, 1-8 Product information, 4-23 NEC Versa disassembly sequence, 4-4 Quick troubleshooting, 3-1 NEC Versa video modes, B-1 Replacing the battery pack, 2-7, 4-5 Operating controls, 2-11 ROM BIOS, 1-17...
  • Page 99 Index-3 LCD and top cover, 4-11 System icons, 2-12 System paPOPrameters, 2-14 System parameters, 2-19 System setup, 2-1 System specifications, 1-22 System status icons, 2-12 System video, 1-15 Technical support, 4-22 Troubleshooting helpful questions, 3-4 Unpacking, 2-1 Updating the BIOS, 2-13 VersaGlide, 1-5 VGA controller, 1-17 Video mode...
  • Page 100: Battery Replacement

    A lithium CMOS clock battery in your computer maintains system configuration information. In the event that the battery fails to maintain system configuration information, NEC recommends that you replace the battery. Have an authorized NEC service representative replace the battery.
  • Page 101 This product is in conformity with the protection requirements of EC Council Directive 89/336/EEC on the approximation of laws of the Member States relating to electro-magnetic compatibility. This product satisfied the Class B limits of EN 55022. NEC Computer Systems Division, Packard Bell NEC, Inc. 1414 Massachusetts Avenue...

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