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NEC 2600
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  • Page 1 NEC 2600 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Standby Mode

    NEC 2600/2610 Quick Reference Guide Battery The phone battery should be charged before being used for the first time. Turn On Phone Press and hold the for approximately two seconds to turn on the phone. Turn Off Phone Press and hold the...
  • Page 3: Set Time And Date

    NEC 2600/2610 Quick Reference Guide Set Ringer Volume M441 Press Select one of five settings. Press Set Ringer Type M442 Press Select one of six settings. Press Store Voice Mail Phone Number You can easily store the voice mail service phone number into your phone.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Phone Safety & Performance ......1 NEC Authentic Accessories™ ......1 Connecting &...
  • Page 5 Chapter 3: Menus ......13 Menu Navigation......13 Main Menu.
  • Page 6 Ring volume ........33 Ring type .
  • Page 7 Limited Warranty........58 NEC Service Support ....... 61 NEC Wireless Marketing .
  • Page 8: Chapter 1: Getting Started

    Chapter 1: Getting Started Phone Activation Before you can use your new NEC cellular telephone, the phone must be activated by a cellular service provider. Please contact your local cellular service provider for any questions regarding phone activation. Phone Safety & Performance Prior to operating your cellular phone, please read this man- ual thoroughly including “Chapter 4: Safety &...
  • Page 9: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery A new phone battery must be fully charged before being used for the first time. The phone battery can be charged through the setup described and shown below. The charging times listed below indicate the charging dura- tion with the phone powered off.
  • Page 10: Voice Mail Messaging & Text Messaging

    Voice Mail Messaging & Text Messaging Voice mail messaging and text messaging services, when available, are provided by your cellular service provider. Before you can receive either voice or text messages with your phone, you must subscribe to these cellular service provider options.
  • Page 11: Phone Layout

    HONE AYOUT Antenna Earpiece Scroll Key Phone Keys Microphone Display Screen 1 2: 00a m Ja n 01 SERVI CE Standby Mode Display Example I n Use Call in Progress Display Example 5551 21 2...
  • Page 12: Menu Tree Overview

    Menu Options 1 Call Logs 2 Phone Book 1 Add to Phone Book 2 View by Name 3 View by Location 4 View by Number 5 Lock Phone Book 6 Clear Phone Book 3 Message 4 Settings 1 Lock 2 Call 3 Text Message 4 Audio 5 Network...
  • Page 13: Display Icons

    ISPLAY CONS Service Indicators Digital or Analog Service Battery Charge Indicator (fully charged status shown) Cellular Signal Strength Battery Charging in Progress Silent Mode Setting Activated AVIGATION Action Display Main Menu or select a flashing menu or submenu selection. Scroll to view entire menu and submenu contents.
  • Page 14: Chapter 2: Basic Operations

    Chapter 2: Basic Operations Turning On Phone Press and hold the to turn on the phone. The cellular signal strength indicator, the battery charge indicator, the time, the date, and the cellular service pro- vider(s) indicator appear on the display. (See “Display Icons” on page 6.) 1 2: 00a m Ja n 01...
  • Page 15: Battery Charge Indicator

    Battery Charge Indicator The battery charge indicator ( the battery. When the battery charge drops to a low level, the phone displays the following warning message: While displaying the recharge notification, the phone also sounds a short tone at ten-second intervals. Once the recharge message displays and the short tone sounds, the phone battery has approximately one minute of use remaining.
  • Page 16: Placing An Emergency Call

    Placing an Emergency Call With your phone powered on and operating in normal, unre- stricted conditions, you can place a call for emergency service (for example, 911) by entering in the phone number digits and press- Under certain conditions, such as partial or full phone lock (see “0. Phone Lock”...
  • Page 17: Adjusting Earpiece Volume

    Any Key Answer Setting If the any key answer setting is turned on, any key except can be pressed to answer an incoming call. See “Any Key Answer” on page 29. Ring Alert The type and volume of the incoming call ringer alert can be adjusted.
  • Page 18: Selecting Ringer Type

    Selecting Ringer Type The incoming call ringer alert can be set to one of several M442 selections. Press appears with the currently selected ringer selection flashing on the display. The available settings are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Press the appropriate corresponding phone key to hear a setting.
  • Page 19: Using The Phone Notepad

    Using the Phone Notepad During a phone call, you can use your phone as a notepad or scratchpad to record a phone number. Once the call in progress has ended, you can then either dial the phone number or store the phone number to the phone book. 0 0 m 5 8 s I N U S E Call in Progress...
  • Page 20: Chapter 3: Menus

    Chapter 3: Menus Menu Navigation The phone contains menus and submenus to access and select the phone settings. (See “Menu Tree Overview” on page 5.) You can navigate through all menus and submenus by using the key to scroll through the menu listings. Each of the menu and submenu listings has an assigned menu or submenu number.
  • Page 21: Main Menu

    Main Menu The Main Menu contains all of the menu and submenu settings. With the phone in the standby mode, the Main Menu can be accessed and displayed by press- . The Main Menu is dis- played on the right. through and view the entire Main Menu 1.
  • Page 22: Dialed (Call Log)

    Dialed (Call Log) Your phone maintains a list of up to 20 of the last phone numbers you dialed. To view the list of the last 20 outgoing calls, press dialed phone number log by pressing displayed phone number dialed phone number log. (See “Call Log Options Menu” on page 16 for information on dialing, editing, and storing call log entries.) Received (Call Log)
  • Page 23: Call Log Options Menu

    Call Log Options Menu While viewing a call log entry, you can access the call log options menu by pressing allows you to dial the phone number in the call log; edit the phone number and/or identifying name in the call log; or store the entry to the phone book. .
  • Page 24 Call Log Options Menu (Continued) With a call log entry displayed, press number. With the initial digit of the phone number flashing, press move within the displayed phone num- ber. Press Press the number keys, number prefix editing is completed, press to the call log entry with the corrected phone number displayed;...
  • Page 25: Air Time

    Menu Shortcut Air Time Your phone automatically maintains a log of the total air time usage. The air time counter can be viewed by pressing . The time counter for the air time usage in your cellular provider service area (indicated with an “H” for home system) and the air time usage outside your cellular provider service provider (indicated with an “R”...
  • Page 26: Add To Phone Book

    Add to Phone Book To add a phone number to the phone book, press . Enter the phone number (containing up to a maximum of 26 digits) you want to add to the phone book and press . Use the keypad to enter a name associated with the phone number.
  • Page 27: View By Name

    Adding Numbers from Notepad to the Phone Book During a call, you can use your phone as a notepad or scratchpad to record a phone number. Once the call in progress is ended, you can either dial the notepad phone number (see “Dialing a phone number on notepad”...
  • Page 28: Locking The Phone Book

    Locking the Phone Book Your phone book can be secured to prevent the contents from being altered or viewed. Locking your phone book also safeguards against the contents being accidentally erased. To restrict access to your phone book, press . As prompted, enter your 4-digit password (see “Phone Password”...
  • Page 29 Phone Book Options Menu (Continued) With a phone book entry displayed, press With the last digit of the phone number flashing, press played phone number. Press a flashing digit. Press the number keys, through a maximum of 26 digits). Once the phone number editing is completed, press save the changes and return to the phone book entry with the corrected phone num-...
  • Page 30 Phone Book Options Menu (Continued) With a phone book entry displayed, press phone number. With the initial digit of the phone number flashing, press within the displayed phone number. Press number keys, insert digits. Once the phone number pre- fix editing is completed, press the changes and return to the phone book entry with the corrected phone number displayed;...
  • Page 31: Message

    3. Message The Message Menu can be accessed by pressing The Message Menu is displayed on the right. through and view entire Message Menu Your phone can receive voice and text messages. Contact your cellular service provider for information and availabil- ity of voice and text messaging.
  • Page 32: Text Messages

    Text Messages When you receive a text message, your phone sounds an alert and displays a notification. The alert and the displayed notification vary depending on the type of received text message. The types of text messages, the displayed notifica- tions, and the alerts are shown below.
  • Page 33: Text Message Viewer

    The viewing order that text messages are displayed can be selected. (See “SMS Menu” on page 27 for information on selecting message sort order.) If the sort order setting is based on message urgency, message types are displayed in the following descending order: emergency, urgent, nor- mal, and bulk.
  • Page 34: Sms Menu

    The SMS (short messaging service) Menu within the text message viewer contains text messaging options such as locking or unlocking a message, deleting a message, dis- playing more or less message details, and displaying text messages based on message urgency or arrival time. With a text message displayed, press 1 .L o ck M es sa ge...
  • Page 35: Clear All Text Messages

    Clear All Text Messages Text messages stored in your phone can be deleted. Press . Press your phone or press messages stored in your phone. Press plete the deletion of text messages. Press clear text messages menu and return to the message menu, or press to exit the clear text messages menu and return to the standby mode.
  • Page 36: Lock

    Menu Shortcut Lock Auto Lock To protect your phone from unauthorized usage, you can set your phone to automatically lock when it is turned on. With the phone in the standby mode, press prompted, enter the 4-digit password (see “Phone Password” on page 3). Press the automatic lock selection to on.
  • Page 37: Dtmf Length

    DTMF Length Your phone can transmit tones, referred to as DTMF tones, when the keys of the phone are pressed. These tones allow your phone to suc- cessfully communicate with automated tele- phone services such as banking transactions and credit card inquiries. You can set your phone to transmit short tones or long tones.
  • Page 38: Text Message

    Example of Communicating with An Automated System Using DTMF Touch Tones To contact your credit card company for account balance informa- tion, you dial the phone number. The credit card automated system answers by prompting you to enter the account number. If the DTMF tones selection in your phone is set to on, you can successfully com- municate with the automated system.
  • Page 39: Word Wrap

    To select the roll off order of messages, press M431 . Press to be replaced based on time and date of mes- sage receipt (oldest messages replaced first) or press for messages to be replaced based on message urgency classification (with messages labeled urgent replaced last).
  • Page 40: Audio

    Menu Shortcut Audio Ring volume The ring volume can be set to one of five set- tings. Press menu appears with the currently selected ring volume setting flashing on the display. The avail- able settings are 1 for minimum, 2 for low, 3 for medium, 4 for maximum, and 5 for escalating (ringer volume increases as ring alert continues to sound).
  • Page 41: Select Phone Number

    to turn off voice privacy capability and notifica- tions or press to turn on voice privacy capa- bility and notification. When sending a call, VPActive is displayed if the voice privacy selec- tion is turned on, enhanced voice privacy is available through the cellular service provider, and voice privacy security is active for the call in progress.
  • Page 42: Network Priority

    Network Priority If you subscribe to more than one system as described in “Activate Network” on page 34, you can prioritize access to residential, private, and public systems by pressing systems are displayed in the currently selected priority order. Press listed in the number two or number three posi- tions.
  • Page 43: Set Alarm, Auto On, Auto Off

    Set Alarm, Auto On, Auto Off Your phone can be used as an alarm clock, and your phone can be set to automatically turn on or off at a specified time each day. To access the alarm or the auto on/off selections, press M462 Alarm Set Alarm: With the Auto On/Auto Off/Alarm set-...
  • Page 44: Environment

    Environment One-Touch Dialing The one-touch dialing feature allows you to quickly speed dial a phone number by pressing only one key. With one-touch dialing turned on, phone numbers stored in phone book locations 1 through 9 can be dialed by pressing and hold- ing the corresponding key on the keypad.
  • Page 45: Language

    Language The phone display language can be set to English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese. To change the display language selection, press M473 to select Spanish, select Portuguese. Press matically powers off and then powers on again in the selected display language. Note that you can exit the language menu without making any changes by pressing Wakeup Message...
  • Page 46: Backlight

    Backlight When your phone is connected to an in-vehicle handsfree adapter, the keypad and display back- light can be set to remain illuminated continu- ously. To select the backlight setting, press M482 to remain on continuously in a handsfree config- uration or press exit the backlight menu.
  • Page 47: Lock/Unlock Keypad

    5. Lock/Unlock Keypad Your phone keypad can be easily and quickly locked to pre- vent inadvertent key pressing when the phone is turned on. Press to lock keypad; press keypad. If a key is pressed when the keypad is locked, the following message is displayed: Keypad Note that even with the keypad locked, you can still dial a...
  • Page 48: Acquire New System

    In addition to operating on a cellular network system, your phone is also capable of operating on a non-public or pri- vate telephone system. Note that the phone user must first subscribe or have rights to a non-public or private tele- phone system to utilize the following private mode menu selections - Acquire New System, Search for System, and View Stored Systems.
  • Page 49: View Stored Systems

    View Stored Systems System information of each located private system is stored in the phone system database. The contents of the database can be viewed by pressing is displayed. Use exit the database. If there is no information stored in the database, the following message is displayed: D a t a B a se E m p t y Pr es s C L R Press...
  • Page 50: Manual Pause

    Manual Pause When entering the digits of an automated system tele- phone number and any additional strings of numbers needed to communicate with the system, you can insert manual pauses between the sets of digits. To enter manual pause marks, enter in the telephone number; press .
  • Page 51: Mute

    tion (1-99) containing the applicable information. Press to dial the phone number. After the phone number is dialed, the following message is displayed indicating that the remaining sets of digits must be sent manually be pressing Press 9. Mute The Mute Menu can be accessed by pressing conversation.
  • Page 52: Phone Lock

    0. Phone Lock Your phone can be locked to pre- vent unauthorized use. To lock your phone, press prompted, enter your 4-digit password (see “Phone Password” on page 3). The Phone Lock menu is displayed on the right. Press to completely lock your phone and restrict the ability to place calls;...
  • Page 53: Chapter 4: Safety & Performance

    Chapter 4: Safety & Performance Safety Precautions For safe and efficient operation of the phone, observe the following guidelines. The cellular telephone is a radio transmitter and receiver. When the unit is powered on, the phone receives and sends radio frequency (RF) energy. The phone operates in the cel- lular frequency range of 824 MHz to 894 MHz and the per- sonal communication system (PCS) range of 1850 MHz to 1990 MHz, and employs commonly used frequency modu-...
  • Page 54 Replace a damaged antenna immediately with a manufacturer-approved antenna. Use only an NEC supplied or approved antenna. Unauthorized antennas, modifica- tions, or attachments could damage the phone and could violate FCC regulations.
  • Page 55 RF energy. Pacemakers Research sponsored by Wireless Technology Research (WTR) indicates that some wireless telephones cause inter- ference with pacemakers. NEC America, Inc., endorses the following recommendations: • Wireless phones should be kept at a safe distance from a pacemaker. Existing data indicate that the greater the distance between a pacemaker and a wireless phone, the less the risk of interference.
  • Page 56 Aircraft • Turn off the phone before boarding any aircraft. • While the plane is on the ground, receive approval from the airline crew prior to using the cellular phone. • Do not use the phone while the plane is in the air. To prevent possible interference with aircraft systems, Fed- eral Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require air- line crew permission prior to phone usage.
  • Page 57: Consumer Update On Mobile Phones

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health Consumer Update on Mobile Phones FDA has been receiving inquiries about the safety of mobile phones, including cellular phones and PCS phones. The fol- lowing summarizes what is known--and what remains unknown--about whether these products can pose a hazard to health, and what can be done to minimize any potential risk.
  • Page 58 decreases rapidly with distance from the source. The safety of so-called "cordless phones," which have a base unit con- nected to the telephone wiring in a house and which oper- ate at far lower power levels and frequencies, has not been questioned.
  • Page 59 RF except for the micronucleus assay, which detects struc- tural effects on the genetic material. The cells in this assay showed changes after exposure to simulated cell phone radia- tion, but only after 24 hours of exposure. It is possible that exposing the test cells to radiation for this long resulted in heat- ing.
  • Page 60 Two other studies of interest have been reported recently in the literature: Two groups of 18 people were exposed to simulated mobile phone signals under laboratory conditions while they per- formed cognitive function tests. There were no changes in the subjects' ability to recall words, numbers, or pictures, or in their spatial memory, but they were able to make choices more quickly in one visual test when they were exposed to simulated...
  • Page 61 of about 1 million per month), about 4800 cases of brain cancer would be expected each year among those 80 mil- lion people, whether or not they used their phones. Thus it is not possible to tell whether any individual's cancer arose because of the phone, or whether it would have happened anyway.
  • Page 62 At the same time, FDA belongs to an interagency working group of the federal agencies that have responsibility for different aspects of mobile phone safety to ensure a coordi- nated effort at the federal level. These agencies are: • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health •...
  • Page 63 Again, the scientific data do not demonstrate that mobile phones are harmful. But if people are concerned about the radiofrequency energy from these products, taking the sim- ple precautions outlined above can reduce any possible risk. Where can I find additional information? For additional information, see the following web sites: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) RF Safety Program (select "Information on Human Exposure to RF...
  • Page 64: Phone Performance

    Phone Performance Technical Information Dimensions (with antenna retracted) With Standard NiMH Battery 133 x 46 x 27mm With Slim Li-Ion Battery With Extended Li-Ion Battery 133 x 46 x 27mm Weight With Slim Li-Ion Battery Transmitting Power Cellular Frequency Band PCS Frequency Band Standard Battery Capacity Standard NiMH...
  • Page 65: Chapter 5: Warranty & Service

    What Products May Be Covered By This Limited War- ranty? The following products (the “Products” or the “Prod- uct”) purchased through an NEC America, Inc. (NECAM), Wireless Communications Division Autho- rized Dealer (the “Dealer”) in the United States on or...
  • Page 66 What Will The Manufacturer Do If The Product Becomes Defective In Materials Or Workmanship During The Warranty Period? If any Product covered under this warranty becomes defective in materials or workmanship during the applicable warranty period, NECAM will, at its option, either repair the defective product without charge for parts and labor, or provide a replacement in exchange for the defective Product.
  • Page 67 #3), inclusive of Products’s serial number (if applicable). The address of the nearest NECAM Authorized Service Center may be obtained by calling (800) 637-5917, or by writing to: NEC America, Inc., Attention: Service Support & Administration, 1621 Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, Texas, 75038. NECAM assumes no risk for damage or loss in transit.
  • Page 68: Nec Service Support

    NEC Service Support NEC Service Support can assist you with any additional information that you may need in the operation your NEC cellular telephone and NEC Authentic Accessories™. Con- tact NEC Service Support at the following telephone num- ber or address.
  • Page 69: Index

    Accessories, Authentic 1 Acquire New System 41 Activate Network 34 Activation, Phone 1 Add to Phone Book 19 From a Call Log 17, 19 From Notepad 20 Adjusting Earpiece Volume 10 Keypad Volume 10 Air Time 18 Alarm 36 Deactivate 36 Set 36 Turn Off 36 All Mute 44...
  • Page 70 Received Calls 15 Received Phone Number Long Tone Use 30 Main Menu 14 Manual Pause 43 Marketing, NEC Wireless 61 Menu 0 Lock Phone 45 Menu 1 Call Logs 14 Menu 2 Phone Book 18 Menu 3 Message 24 Menu 4 Settings 28...
  • Page 71 Navigation, Menu 13 Network 33 Activate 34 Priority 35 Notepad 12 One-Touch Dialing 37 Password Change 29 Phone 3 Set 29 Pause Auto 43 Manual 43 Performance, Phone 1 Phone Activation 1 Layout 4 Password 3 Performance 1 Safety 1, 46 Turning Off 7 Turning On 7 Phone Book...
  • Page 72 Setting (Change) Password 29 Alarm, Auto On, Auto Off Clock 35 Reset 39 Ringer Volume 10 Short Tone Use 30 Signal Strength, Checking 7 SMS Menu 27 Sort Order 32 Speed Dialing 37 Standby Mode Display 7 Store As Voice Mail Number 28 Storing Voice Mail Number 11 System Acquire New 41...

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