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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC Versa 550 Series

  • Page 1 The information disclosed in this document, including all designs and related materials, is the valuable property of NEC Corporation (NEC) and/or its licensors. NEC and/or its licen- sors, as appropriate, reserve all patent, copyright and other proprietary rights to this docu- ment, including all design, manufacturing, reproduction, use, and sales rights thereto, except to the extent said rights are expressly granted to others.
  • Page 2: Preface

    550 Series notebook computer. It also provides hardware and interface information for users who need an overview of the docking station design. The manual is written for NEC-trained customer engineers, system analysts, service center per- sonnel, and dealers. The manual is organized as follows:...
  • Page 3: Abbreviations

    xiii Abbreviations ampere disk operating system alternating current DRAM dynamic RAM advanced technology data terminal equipment (IBM PC) error checking and correction Bulletin Board System error detecting system binary-coded decimal Enhanced Graphics Adapter BIOS Customized Utility Expanded Memory BIOS basic input/output system Specification binary digit enhanced parallel port...
  • Page 4 Abbreviations Interrupt Request register printed circuit board Industry Standard Architecture plastic flat package In Service register parallel input/output input/output pixel picture element integrated peripheral controller PJQFP plastic J-lead quad flat pack inches per second PLCC plastic lead chip carrier interrupt request phase lock loop kilo (1024) peak-to-peak...
  • Page 5 Abbreviations tracks per inch UART universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter volt volts, direct current VESA video electronics standards association variable frequency oscillator Video Graphics Array VLSI very large-scale integration VRAM virtual RAM watt microfarad microprocessor microsecond...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preface ........................Abbreviations ......................xiii Section 1 Technical Information Feature Highlights ....................... 1-2 System Configuration ....................1-3 Quick Tour of the Notebook..................1-4 The Front Side of the Notebook ................1-4 Color LCD Display Panel................1-4 Power Switch/LCD Cover Switch..............1-5 Status Panel and Power Indicator..............
  • Page 7 System Upgrades......................1-27 Memory Upgrade Procedure................. 1-27 System BIOS Upgrade Procedure................. 1-29 Section 2 NEC Versa 550 Specifications General Specification of the NEC VERSA 550 Series..........2-1 Product Mix ........................ 2-6 Motherboard ....................... 2-6 LCD Status Board ....................2-8 Cables........................2-8 Display Unit Specification....................
  • Page 8 Contents Section 3 Hardware Functional Overview Functional Block Diagram ................... 3-2 System BIOS......................3-3 System Processor....................3-3 Major Functional Blocks....................3-4 System Logic Controller ....................3-4 Memory Subsystem ..................... 3-6 DRAM Memory ....................3-6 ROM Memory ...................... 3-7 I/O Subsystem ......................3-7 Video Subsystem ......................
  • Page 9 Appendix A Supported Video Modes VGA Standard Modes ....................A-1 VGA Extended Modes ....................A-2 VGA High Refresh Modes................... A-4 List of Figures NEC Versa 550 Series Notebook..............1-1 System Configuration Diagram ..............1-3 Front of the Notebook ................... 1-4...
  • Page 10 Power Management Setting Menu ..............1-21 Functional Block Diagram ................3-2 Removing and Replacing the Trackball Housing Cover ........4-4 NEC Versa 550 Series Illustrated Parts Breakdown ........4-7 Notebook Major Assemblies ................4-8 LCD Assembly ....................4-9 System Top Unit Assembly ................4-11 System Base Unit Assembly................
  • Page 11 Contents Bootup Setting Menu..................1-19 Power Management Setting Menu ..............1-21 Power Management Setting Menu ..............1-23 NEC Versa 550 Series General Specification ..........2-1 Model Configurations ..................2-6 Motherboard Specifications ................2-6 LCD Status Board Specifications..............2-8 Motherboard Cable Specifications..............2-8 LCD Panel Specifications................
  • Page 12 Contents BIOS Informational Messages................ 5-7 BIOS Beep Codes..................5-8 BIOS Run-time Error Messages..............5-13 Quick Troubleshooting .................. 5-14 VGA Standard Modes (Text Mode)............... A-1 VGA Standard Modes (Graphics Mode) ............A-2 VGA Standard Modes ( Planar Mode ) ............A-2 Packed Pixel Mode ..................
  • Page 13: Section 1 Technical Information

    Section 1 Technical Information This section focuses on providing the features and operations of the NEC Versa 550 Series including the BIOS Setup program. Refer to the User’s Guide for more information on how to operate the notebook. The NEC Versa 550 Series of notebooks are lightweight, com- pact, and fully IBM compatible computers.
  • Page 14: Feature Highlights

    Technical Information FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS The NEC Versa 550 notebook series includes a variety of innovative features designed to meet the most demanding computing requirements: Table Section 1-2 Feature Highlights Features Description Cyrix 486DX4-75MHz (Cyrix 5x86-100MHz for Versa 550D) proces- sor with internal 8KB cache memory (16KB for Cyrix 5x86) and math...
  • Page 15 Technical Information Cyrix DX4-75 / Color LCD Cyrix M1sc-100 (640x480) CPU (3.45v) DSTN VL Bus External BIOS Controller Flash ROM (VGA) Monitor 4 / 8MB RAM Trackball On-Board Pointing Upgradable to PS/2 Keyboard Device 20 / 24MB Bank 1 (Slot 1) PS/2 Mouse 4 / 8 / 16MB Keyboard...
  • Page 16: Quick Tour Of The Notebook

    Figure Section 1-3 Front of the Notebook Color LCD Display Panel Both the NEC Versa 500D1 and 500D2 have a built-in 9.4” passive matrix dual scan STN (DSTN) color liquid crystal display (LCD) that you could adjust and tilt to your desired viewing position.
  • Page 17: Power Switch/Lcd Cover Switch

    Suspend mode or just shuts off the LCD when you close the LCD panel. NOTE: If the NEC Versa 550 has been left un- used for a prolonged period of time with the AC adapter disconnected, it is possible for the battery to become completely discharged.
  • Page 18 Technical Information Power Suspend Scroll Management Mode Lock Lock Power Battery PCMCIA Caps Adapter Status Slots Lock Lock Figure Section 1-4 LCD Status Bar Table Section 1-3 LCD Status Bar Icons and Description Graphic Description Icons Activates when system is powered by AC adapter. The battery cell inside indicate that the battery pack is being charged also and will disappear when battery has been fully charged.
  • Page 19: Keyboard

    Technical Information This icon activates whenever the Num Lock key is enabled. This allows you to use the embedded numeric keypad. Press the Num Lock key again to disable. This icon activates whenever the Caps Lock key is engaged. When activated, the letters entered on the keyboard will be in capital letters (upper case).
  • Page 20 Technical Information NOTE: Activating the Num Lock key (embed- ded numeric keys) will in turn disable the actual alphanumeric keys where the embedded keys are located (i.e. pressing the “K” on the keyboard will show “2” instead). Press the <Num Lock> key again to disable the embedded keys and re- sume normal keyboard operation.
  • Page 21: Trackball

    Trackball is compatible with the standard PS/2 mouse and can be activated using the normal DOS or Windows IBM or PS/2 mouse driver. Figure Section 1-7 Trackball The Right Side of the Notebook The following figure shows NEC Versa 500 Series right side features.
  • Page 22: Built-In Floppy Disk Drive

    Hard Disk Drive Compartment Just beside the floppy disk drive is the notebook’s internal hard drive. The NEC Versa 550 provides industry standard 2.5-inch IDE hard disk drive at 340MB and 540MB. The System BIOS of the notebook also includes Auto IDE detection and LBA mode for easy installa- tion as well as later upgrade for higher capacity disk drives.
  • Page 23: Pcmcia Slot Compartment

    NOTE: There are two types of battery pack for the Versa 550 Series. The two Versa 500 models use Type A battery pack swith 2400mA; while the NEC Versa 550D model uses Type B battery pack with 2800mA. Battery packs are not inter- changeable.
  • Page 24: Dc-In Connector Jack

    To the left of the PCMCIA compartment, you will find a connector jack where you plug in the AC adapter of the notebook. The NEC Versa 550 series provides a universal auto- switching AC adapter where you connect the AC power cord and into the power outlet. It is important to have the AC adapter connected to the notebook to recharge the battery and keep the notebook working continuously.
  • Page 25: Hardware Reset Switch

    VGA port can support resolution at 800x600 at 256 colors and 1024x768 at 16 colors for the NEC Versa 550D1 and 640x480 at 64K colors, 800x600 at 256 colors, and 1024x768 at 256 colors for both the NEC Versa 500D2 and 550D2.
  • Page 26: Printer Port (Lpt 1)

    1-14 Technical Information The NEC Versa 550 series provides VGA VESA driver diskette for installing different dis- play resolution drivers for Windows Setup. You can also toggle the display between the LCD and the external monitor by pressing the <Fn> key + <F10> key combination.
  • Page 27: Serial Port (Com 1)

    After turning on the power again, run the BIOS SETUP program and disable the Trackball. The Base of the Computer See the following figure for NEC Versa 500 Series bottom features. Memory Compartment Cover Battery Pack...
  • Page 28: Memory Slot Compartment Cover

    1-16 Technical Information Memory Slot Compartment Cover The memory slot compartment cover is secured with two retaining screws. Inside is a mem- ory slot compartment where you can upgrade the system memory of the notebook using standard single inline memory modules (SIMMs). Figure Section 1-18 Memory Slot Compartment SYSTEM BIOS SETUP PROGRAM The BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) Setup program allows you to change the system...
  • Page 29 Technical Information 1-17 Figure Section 1-19 The Bootup Setting Menu Table Section 1-5 Bootup Setting Menu Item Function System Time This option allows you to change the system time, using the format hour : minute : second. You can change the system time here or from your operating system’s command prompt.
  • Page 30 1-18 Technical Information series ship have a minimum of 4MB/8MB of memory as standard configuration, this value should not be less than 3072KB. Total Memory This field reports the total amount of memory found by the BIOS during POST. The value displayed is the sum of the base and extended memory, plus the 384KB of memory reserved to the system for BIOS and BIOS extension addresses.
  • Page 31: The Power Management Setting Menu

    Technical Information 1-19 NOTE: You can discharge the CMOS battery by simply removing the RTC CMOS battery from connector CN11 of the motherboard. Wait for 10 minutes before plugging the battery in again. THE POWER MANAGEMENT SETTING MENU The Power Management Setting menu allows you to configure the power saving controls of the computer.
  • Page 32 1-20 Technical Information to power up again. Set this option to Disable if you want the hard drive to be always spinning.
  • Page 33: Power Management Setting Menu

    Technical Information 1-21 Table 1-6 Power Management Setting Menu Item Function Auto Sleep Timer This option allows you to specify the time-out value after which the computer goes to Sleep mode. Possible values include Disabled, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 minutes. When not disabled, the computer will switch to Sleep mode after the preset time of inactivity.
  • Page 34: Power Management Setting Menu

    1-22 Technical Information Table Section 1-7 Power Management Setting Menu Item Function Save to This option allows you to select save-to-RAM or save-to-disk when the computer goes into suspend mode. If you set this option to save-to-RAM, only the memory is powered on so that stored register information can be retrieved instantly when a resume event occurs.
  • Page 35: Notebook Drivers And Utilities

    Disk 3 - Mouse Driver and Additional System Utility Diskette Installing the VGA Driver and Utility The Disk 1 of the NEC Versa 550 Series notebook diskette contains the C&T 65545 VGA Driver and Utility installation program for MS-DOS and Windows based application. The VGA driver allows you to run your DOS and Windows application program in enhanced video modes.
  • Page 36: Installing The Pcmcia Driver

    800x600 at 16 colors or 1024x768 at 16 colors. The NEC Versa 500D(2) and 550D with 1MB video memory (DSTN LCD) can support up to maximum of 64K colors (high color) at 640x480 on the external monitor. The DSTN LCD can only support up to 256 colors and LCD screen will somewhat flicker when set to 64K colors.
  • Page 37: Installing The Mouse Driver

    Installing the Mouse Driver The Disk 3 of the NEC Versa 550 Series notebook diskettes contains the Logitech mouse driver and System Utility program. The Logitech mouse driver program allows you to en- hance the operation of the built-in trackball.
  • Page 38: Phdisk.exe Utility

    Technical Information PHDISK.EXE Utility The PHDISK.EXE utility included with the NEC Versa 550 series is used to create a spe- cial hard disk partition where the contents of the system memory are saved whenever the Suspend save-to-disk (STD) feature is invoked. The PHDISK.EXE utility automatically calculate the size of installed system memory, excluding video memory, and create an ap- propriately sized partition on the hard drive.
  • Page 39 For NEC Versa 500D (1) notebooks, the following memory configuration are applicable: On-Board Memory Extra Socket Total Memory empty 12MB 16MB 20MB For NEC Versa 550D(2) and NEC Versa 550D notebooks, the following memory configu- ration are applicable: On-Board Memory Extra Socket Total Memory empty 12MB 16MB...
  • Page 40: System Bios Upgrade Procedure

    System BIOS Upgrade Procedure The NEC Versa 550 Series supports EPROM Flash BIOS that allows you to easily update the system BIOS using the Flash Programming utility program called “FLASH.EXE”. Up- date the system BIOS whenever you are upgrading LCD Panel or adding modifications to the computer’s hardware function.
  • Page 41: Section 2 Nec Versa 550 Specifications

    Section 2 NEC Versa 550 Specifications GENERAL SPECIFICATION OF THE NEC VERSA 550 SERIES The following table lists NEC Versa 550 Series specifications. Table Section 2-1 NEC Versa 550 Series General Specification Cyrix 486DX4 - 75MHz Cyrix 5x86 - 100MHz...
  • Page 42 NEC Versa 550 Specifications Table 2-1 NEC Versa 550 Series General Specification Floppy Disk Drive Built-in FDD 720KB / 1.44MB Mode Support Display 9.4” Detachable DSTN Color LCD Module: 640 x 480 in 256 colors 1 CCFT Backlight 10.4” Detachable DSTN Color LCD Module:...
  • Page 43: Lcd Status Bar

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications Table 2-1 NEC Versa 550 Series General Specification I/O Port 25-pin Parallel Port x 1 9-pin Serial Port (w/ FIFO) x 1 15-pin VGA Monitor Port x 1 External Keyboard or PS/2 Mouse Port x 1...
  • Page 44 NEC Versa 550 Specifications Table 2-1 NEC Versa 550 Series General Specification Power Supply AC Adapter AC 90V to 265V, 47/63Hz, 36W (Max) Constant Power Output Dimensions: 120 (L) x 60 (W) x 36 (H) mm Battery Input Battery A: 8 long A-size 2400mA/hr NiMH Battery Cells, 9.6V (Total - 23.04W)
  • Page 45 NEC Versa 550 Specifications Table 2-1 NEC Versa 550 Series General Specification Key Components 9.4” Color DSTN LCD: Kyocera KCL 6448HSTT Samsung UG-641 10-CCBN-A 10.4” Color DSTN LCD: Kyocera KCS6448JSTT-X1 HDD: Hitachi 340MB Seagate ST9546 540MB Hitachi DK222A-54 540MB FDD:...
  • Page 46: Product Mix

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications PRODUCT MIX The following table lists NEC Versa 550 model configurations. Table Section 2-2 Model Configurations 500D (1) 500D (2) 550D (RT2) Cyrix 486DX4-75 Cyrix 486DX4-75 Cyrix 5x86 (M1sc) On-Board DRAM 4 MB 8 MB 8 MB C&T 65545...
  • Page 47 NEC Versa 550 Specifications Table 2-3 Motherboard Specifications Internal To CPU: Connector & 168-Pin PGA Type Socket Socket To Memory Expansion: 72-Pin SIMM Socket x 1 To Power Board: 8-Pin DIP, 18-Pin DIP, Female, Straight, 2mm Pitch To DSTN LCD: 15-Pin, 14-Pin, 8-Pin, Male, Straight, 1.25mm Pitch...
  • Page 48: Lcd Status Board

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications LCD Status Board The following table lists LCD status board specifications. Table Section 2-4 LCD Status Board Specifications LCD Status Module 5V Static Connector To Motherboard: 26-Pin, FPC Type, Right Angle, 1.0mm Pitch, SMT Thickness: 1.6mm...
  • Page 49: Inverter

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications Inverter The following table lists inverter specifications. Table Section 2-7 Inverter Specifications Color Inverter Kyocera 9.4” DSTN Samsung 9.4” DSTN 6448 HSTT UG-6410-CCBN-A Input Voltage 8V to 20V 8V to 20V Output Voltage 550VAC Max. 550 VAC Max.
  • Page 50: Fdd Unit Specification

    2-10 NEC Versa 550 Specifications Table 2-8 LCD Status Bar Indicator Specification PCMCIA Slot 0 PCMCIA Slot 1 FDD Read / Write Pad Lock Num Lock Caps Lock Scroll Lock FDD Unit Specification The following table lists floppy diskette drive specifications.
  • Page 51: Hdd Unit Specification

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications 2-11 HDD Unit Specification The following table lists hard disk drive specifications. Table Section 2-10 HDD Unit Specification Module 2.5” Built-in HDD Capacity 340MB / 520MB / Higher Capacity Upgradable Interface IDE Interface Unit Size 100mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 19 / 12.7mm (H) NiMH Battery Pack Specification The following table lists main battery specifications.
  • Page 52: Battery Charger

    2-12 NEC Versa 550 Specifications Battery Charger The following table lists battery charger specifications. Table Section 2-13 Battery Charger Specification Input Voltage 20V (Max.) Support Battery NiMH Battery (9.6V) Protection Max. Temp., Max. Timer, Max. Voltage Charge Method Delta T / Delta t: 1 C (min.)
  • Page 53: Switch Specification

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications 2-13 Switch Specification The following table lists switch specifications. Table Section 2-16 Switch Specification Power Switch Tact Type Cover Switch Tact Type Mouse Button Tact Type x 2 pcs Reset Switch Tact Type AC/DC Adapter Specification The following table lists AC/DC adapter specifications.
  • Page 54: Bios Specification

    2-14 NEC Versa 550 Specifications BIOS Specification The following table lists BIOS specifications. Table Section 2-18 BIOS Support Floppy Disk Drive Support standard 3.5” FDD Support 720KB and 1.44MB Modes Hard Disk Drive Support standard IDE Hard Disk Auto-detect IDE capacity...
  • Page 55: Power Management Features (Mode Definition)

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications 2-15 Power Management Features (Mode Definition) The following table lists power management modes. Table Section 2-19 Power Management Specifications Full-On Mode Demand Driven Clock Control Enabled CPU Full Speed Clocked for the Application All Peripherals are in On State...
  • Page 56: Power Management Features (Mode Transition)

    2-16 NEC Versa 550 Specifications Table 2-19 Power Management Specifications Resume Mode System will resume from suspend state when the following events are detected: Resume from Memory: Keyboard Spacebar key input Power Switch Resume from HDD: Power Switch Schedule Resume Power Management Features (Mode Transition) The following tables list mode definitions and actions.
  • Page 57: Auto Power Reduction (Apr)

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications 2-17 Auto Power Reduction (APR) The Automatic Power Reduction (APR) works with power management modes. There are three possible combinations, listed in the following table. Table Section 2-22 APR Times Highest Performance 32ms/2sec Medium Performance 128ms/2sec...
  • Page 58: Ac Power Source

    2-18 NEC Versa 550 Specifications AC Power Source The following table lists AC power AC voltage and AC frequencies. Table Section 2-25 AC Power Specifications Input Nominal Version AC Voltage 100 ~ 250 V 90 ~ 264 V AC Frequency...
  • Page 59: Esd

    NEC Versa 550 Specifications 2-19 The following table lists ESD specifications. Table Section 2-28 ESD Specifications Contact Discharge 2, 4, 6 KV Air Discharge 2, 4, 8 KV 2, 4, 6 KV 2, 4, 6 KV...
  • Page 60: Section 3 Hardware Functional Overview

    Section 3 Hardware Functional Overview The NEC Versa 550 Series notebooks consist of several major functions and subsystems in- cluding: System BIOS - implemented on the Motherboard and EPROM System Processor - implemented on the Motherboard System Logic Controller - implemented on the Motherboard...
  • Page 61: Functional Block Diagram

    Hardware Functional Overview FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM FLASH BIOS 128KB CARD 0 PCMCIA Bank 0 8365 + 8366 4MB / 8MB CARD 1 (on-board) TRACKBALL Bank 1 CORE CHIP 4, 8, 16MB CONTROLLER EXT. KB/MOUSE (DIMM) UMC 8486 MOTOROLA G10 INTERNAL KB Cyrix 486DX4-75 M1sc-100...
  • Page 62: System Bios

    The NEC Versa 550 Series uses Phoenix BIOS. The BIOS SETUP program is an easy-to- use system configuration utility that sets system parameters and resides on the EPROM chip with the system BIOS.
  • Page 63: Major Functional Blocks

    Hardware Functional Overview MAJOR FUNCTIONAL BLOCKS The Cyrix M1sc, in a 168-pin PGA packaging, is divided into five major functional blocks: Integer Unit Floating Point Unit Cache Unit Memory Management Unit Bus Interface Unit Instructions are executed in the Integer Unit pipeline and in the Floating Point Unit (FPU). The Cache Unit stores the most recently used data and instructions and provides fast access to this information for the Integer and Floating Point Units.
  • Page 64 Hardware Functional Overview Flash ROM Boot block erase protection Supports three general purpose I/O Hybrid Voltage 208 Pins QFP Integration Built-in 206 Built-in 146818A Built-in Memory Controller Built-in VESA Bus Controller Memory Controller Supports ROM DOS up to 64MB by XIP, 16MB by EMS Supports Shadow RAM from C0000-FFFFF Supports SLOW and SELF Refresh DRAM Supports Stagger Refresh...
  • Page 65: Memory Subsystem

    The NEC Versa 550 notebooks contain 4MB (8MB for NEC Versa 550D1/550D) of 70ns page-interleaved DRAM on the Motherboard. The notebook provides one extra memory slot for upgrading the DRAM memory to 8MB, 12MB, and 20MB (up to 24MB for NEC Versa 550D1/550D) using standard JEDEC single-inline memory modules (SIMMs). Refer...
  • Page 66: Rom Memory

    Hardware Functional Overview ROM Memory The NEC Versa 550 notebooks contains both the main system BIOS and the VGA BIOS with Shadow BIOS capability. I/O SUBSYSTEM The I/O Subsystem of the notebook is implemented on the Motherboard using the UMC 82C863F chipset.
  • Page 67: Video Chipset Controller

    Hardware Functional Overview Video Chipset Controller The 65545 achieves superior performance through direct connection to system processor buses up to 32-bits in width. When combined with CHIPS’ advanced linear acceleration software driver technology, this device exhibits exceptional performance compared with de- vices of similar architecture.
  • Page 68: External Vga Capability

    LCD and the external CRT monitor. The notebook provides external resolution of 800x600 by 256 colors or 1024x768 by 256 colors for NEC Versa 500D2/550D with 1MB video memory (800x600 by 16 colors or 1024x768 by 16 colors for NEC Versa 500D1 with 512KB memory).
  • Page 69: Pcmcia Controller And Sockets

    The NEC Versa 550 Series notebook is equipped with high capacity hard disk drive ranging from 350MB to 1.2GB using IDE controller with LBA (Logical Block Addressing) mode support.
  • Page 70: Floppy Disk Drive Subsystem

    Internal Battery Pack The NEC Versa 550 Series notebooks utilizes NiMH (Nickel Metal-Hydride) that provides DC power for the notebook (and for the NVRAM and real time clock battery on the Moth- erboard) when the AC Adapter is not connected to the computer.
  • Page 71: Powerboard

    3-12 Hardware Functional Overview The battery pack includes 8 long A-size battery cells at 2400mA (2800mA for NEC Versa 550D) that provides 9.6V voltage supply. When installed into the notebook, the battery icon LCD automatically appears on the LCD Status Bar and will also start to recharge whenever the AC adapter is connected to the notebook.
  • Page 72: Section 4 Field Service Guidelines

    Section 4 Field Service Guidelines This section contains preventive and corrective maintenance procedures for the NEC Versa 550 Series notebook computers. The first part of the section describes the computer clean- ing procedures and preferred handling procedures for sensitive components (e.g. disk drives, batteries).
  • Page 73: Cleaning The Notebook's Interior

    4-2 Field Service Guidelines Cleaning the Notebook’s Interior When servicing the inside of the notebook, remove dust and other foreign particles from in- side the system unit as follows. Remove the top cover and keyboard using the disassembly procedures discussed later in this section.
  • Page 74: Handling The Computer Battery Packs

    Field Service Guidelines 4-3 Handling the Computer Battery Packs The battery packs furnished with the computer require reasonable care and handling to en- sure efficient operation and maximum life. Periodically inspect the battery terminals and the batteries for evidence of corrosion and oxide build-up. To ensure that the battery packs endure normal life cycle, always observe the following pre- cautions when handling the battery packs: Do not drop the battery packs or subject them to excessive shock and vibration.
  • Page 75: Required Tools And Equipment

    Figure Section 4-1 Removing and Replacing the Trackball Housing Cover REQUIRED TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT All NEC Versa 550 corrective maintenance procedures can be performed using the follow- ing tools: Tweezers...
  • Page 76: Illustrated Parts Breakdown

    Illustrated Parts Breakdown This section contains the NEC part numbers and illustrated parts breakdown (IPB) figure for the NEC Versa Series 550. Table Section 4-1 lists field-replaceable parts and corre- sponding part numbers. Figure 4-2 shows the system exploded view, or IPB.
  • Page 77 4-6 Field Service Guidelines 24. Memory Cover (DRAM) 808-875692-073A Table 4-2 NEC Versa 550 Series Field-Replaceable Parts 25. Rubber Feet (4) 808-875692-045A 26. Connector Cover I/O Port 808-875692-079A 27. Foot Stand (2) 808-875692-074A 28. Main Battery 808-875692-002A 29. PCMCIA Cover...
  • Page 78: Nec Versa 550 Series Illustrated Parts Breakdown

    Field Service Guidelines 4-7 Figure Section 4-2 NEC Versa 550 Series Illustrated Parts Breakdown...
  • Page 79 4-8 Field Service Guidelines...
  • Page 80: Field-Replaceable Parts And Assemblies

    Field Service Guidelines 4-9 FIELD-REPLACEABLE PARTS AND ASSEMBLIES The NEC Versa 550 Series notebooks contain two major assemblies: Cover-Display LCD Assembly System Unit Assembly Cover-Display LCD Assembly System Unit Assembly Figure Section 4-3 Notebook Major Assemblies Cover-Display LCD Assembly The cover-display LCD assembly includes the following major field replaceable units/parts...
  • Page 81: System Unit Assembly

    4-10 Field Service Guidelines LCD Power Inverter Board This printed circuit board (PCB) provides high voltage to the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube (CCFT). It is connected to the right side of the LCD Dis- play Screen. Exercise safety electrical precautions in handling and servicing this part.
  • Page 82 Field Service Guidelines 4-11 The System Top Unit Assembly includes the following major field replaceable units/parts: Keyboard Panel Assembly The keyboard is assembled right on top of the system unit and is connected to the Motherboard’s 26-pin FPC type connector. The keyboard is also secured to the unit assembly by two retaining latches found on the upper left and right side of the keyboard.
  • Page 83: Hard Drive Module Assembly

    4-12 Field Service Guidelines Figure Section 4-5 System Top Unit Assembly The System Base Unit Assembly is where the Motherboard is found and basically where the major components and modules can be found in running the computer. This includes the following major field replaceable units/parts: Internal Battery Pack The battery pack is attached to the left front side of the system base unit.
  • Page 84 Field Service Guidelines 4-13 DC-DC Converter Powerboard Module The Powerboard module basically converts the input 8V-20V DC voltage to several voltage levels needed in powering every components inside the note- book. This PCB module is located on the left rear side of the base unit and is connected to the Motherboard’s 8-pin DIP and 18-pin SMT female connector.
  • Page 85: Parts Removal And Replacement Procedures

    This section contains field service-level removal/replacement procedures for the notebook. Always refer to the exploded diagram in the previous section to quickly go through the pro- cedures. The NEC Versa notebook is designed for optimum modularity in order to make field replacement maintenance easy and efficient.
  • Page 86: Removing/Replacing The Lcd Status Bar Cover, The Lcd Panel, And The Lcd Status Bar Module

    Field Service Guidelines 4-15 Secure the keyboard entirely by sliding the left and right latches to the right and left respectively. Removing/Replacing the LCD Status Bar Cover, the LCD Panel, and the LCD Status Bar Module Removing the whole LCD Panel from the System Unit requires removing the LCD Status Bar Cover as well.
  • Page 87: Removing/Replacing The System Top Cover Case Assembly And The Trackball Assembly

    4-16 Field Service Guidelines Removing/Replacing the System Top Cover Case Assembly and the Trackball Assembly Most of the troubleshooting and field service done are on the system unit assembly where the Motherboard and other modules are assembled. One important module assembled to the top cover case assembly is the Trackball.
  • Page 88: Removing/Replacing The Floppy Disk Drive

    Field Service Guidelines 4-17 To replace the hard disk drive, remove the four flat screws attached to it and take out the hard drive cable and the rubber pad. To replace the hard disk unit back to the computer, reverse the above procedure. Figure Section 4-7 Hard Drive Module Assembly Removing/Replacing the Floppy Disk Drive The procedure for removing and replacing the floppy disk drive is as follows:...
  • Page 89: Removing/Replacing The Powerboard

    4-18 Field Service Guidelines Figure Section 4-8 Floppy Drive Module Assembly Removing/Replacing the Powerboard The procedure for removing the Powerboard is as follows: Turn off the computer. Follow all disassembly procedures mentioned from the start of this section. The Powerboard is located on the left rear side of the system base unit. This part controls the internal power supply of the computer.
  • Page 90: Removing/Replacing The Cpu

    Field Service Guidelines 4-19 To replace the Powerboard, reverse the disassembly procedures above. Figure Section 4-9 Powerboard Module Assembly Removing/Replacing the CPU The procedure for removing the CPU is as follows: Turn off the computer. Follow all disassembly procedures mentioned from the start of this section.
  • Page 91: Removing/Replacing The Entire Motherboard

    4-20 Field Service Guidelines Removing/Replacing the Entire Motherboard The procedure for removing the entire Motherboard is as follows: Turn off the computer. Follow all disassembly procedures mentioned from the start of this section. Remove the remaining screws attached to the top side of the Motherboard as well as the hex-bolt attached to the left rear side of the motherboard.
  • Page 92: Section 5 Troubleshooting And Repair

    NSRC (National Service Response Center) - questions other than products, spare parts or technical support Service Contracts TAC (Technical Assistance Center) - technical support for NASC and NEC sales representatives only TSC (Technical Support Center) - technical support for everyone else...
  • Page 93: Appendix A Supported Video Modes

    Appendix A Supported Video Modes The C&T 65545 VGA chipset supports high resolution fixed frequency and variable fre- quency analog monitors in interlaced and non-interlaced modes of operation. Digital moni- tor support is also built-in. The following tables list all 65545 CRT monitor video modes. NOTE: The letter “I”...
  • Page 94: Vga Extended Modes

    Supported Video Modes Table Appendix A-2 VGA Standard Modes (Graphics Mode) No. of Text Font Pixel Reso- Horiz. Vert. Mode Colors Display Size lution Clock Freq. Freq. 40 x 25 8 x 8 320 x 200 25.175 31.5 40 x 25 8 x 8 320 x 200 25.175...
  • Page 95 Supported Video Modes Table Appendix A-6 VGA Extended Modes (4-bit Linear Mode) No. of Text Font Pixel Reso- Horiz. Vert. Mode Colors Display Size lution Clock Freq. Freq. 80 x 30 8 x 16 640 x 480 25.175 31.5 100 x 37 8 x 16 800 x 600 40.0...
  • Page 96: Vga High Refresh Modes

    Supported Video Modes Table Appendix A-11 VGA Extended Modes ( Planar Mode ) No. of Text Font Pixel Reso- Horiz. Vert. Mode Colors Display Size lution Clock Freq. Freq. 6A, 70 100 x 37 8 x 16 800x 600 40.0 38.0 72, 75 128 x 48...
  • Page 97 Supported Video Modes Table Appendix A-15 VGA High Refresh Modes ( Packed Pixel Mode ) No. of Text Font Pixel Reso- Horiz. Vert. Mode Colors Display Size lution Clock Freq. Freq. 80 x 30 8 x 16 640 x 480 31.5 37.5 100 x 37...
  • Page 98: Technical Support

    NEC Technologies Technical Support Center (TSC) provides an E-mail service for Internet users besides the support listed in Table 5-1. Technical questions regarding NEC products can be sent over the Internet system to TSC. The Internet address is as follows:
  • Page 99: Helpful Questions

    Troubleshooting and Repair For international use, enter the international long distance access number, the U.S. telephone number, and the U.S. extension (01-708-860-9550 ext. 2621). Listen to the instructions provided by the automated attendant. Press 1 to skip the FastFacts introduction and jump to the automated instructions for ordering a document or catalog.
  • Page 100: Post Messages

    Turn the power off, then back and disable A20 on again. If the problem command. persists contact qualified NEC service personnel . Fixed disk configuration The specified Correct the fixed disk error configuration is not configuration.
  • Page 101 Troubleshooting and Repair Table 5-2 POST Error Messages Message Possible Cause Action No boot device available - Either diskette drive A:, Try rebooting. If problem press F1 to retry boot, F2 the fixed disk, or both the persists, replace the diskette for SETUP utility diskette and fixed disk are or the fixed disk.
  • Page 102 Troubleshooting and Repair Table 5-2 POST Error Messages Message Possible Cause Action Keyboard clock line failure The keyboard, the Make sure the keyboard keyboard cable cable and keyboard are connection, or the connected properly. Check keyboard controller is the keyboard controller and defective.
  • Page 103: Informational Messages

    Troubleshooting and Repair INFORMATIONAL MESSAGES This section lists the messages that provide information to the user but require no action. Table Section 5-3 BIOS Informational Messages Message Meaning nnnK Base Memory The amount of base memory that tested successfully. nnnK Extended The amount of extended memory that tested successfully.
  • Page 104: Beep Codes For System Board Errors

    Troubleshooting and Repair Rolling ones test - Several patterns are constructed. These patterns represent a one rolling through the given location. For example, to roll a one through three bits, the following patterns would be constructed: 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, and 111.
  • Page 105 Troubleshooting and Repair Table 5-4 BIOS Beep Codes Beep Diagnostic Description Test Performed Code Code 1-3-1 RAM refresh verification Over a period of time, the refresh bit test in progress or failure. (bit 4) in port 60h is read and tested. The refresh bit should toggle from 0 to 1, then 1 to 0 within the time period.
  • Page 106 5-10 Troubleshooting and Repair Table 5-4 BIOS Beep Codes Beep Diagnostic Description Test Performed Code Code 3-1-2 Master DMA register test Pattern test of channels 1 through 3 of in progress or failure. the master DMA controller (starting port address = C4h). Failure results in a system halt.
  • Page 107 Troubleshooting and Repair 5-11 Table 5-4 BIOS Beep Codes Beep Diagnostic Description Test Performed Code Code 3-4-2 Screen retrace test in Over a period of time, the retrace bit progress or failure. (bit0) in the appropriate CRT controller status register (either port 3BAh or 3DAh) is read and tested.
  • Page 108 5-12 Troubleshooting and Repair Table 5-4 BIOS Beep Codes Beep Diagnostic Description Test Performed Code Code 4-2-3 Gate A20 failure. To test extended memory, the processor must be placed in protected mode and the A20 line must be enabled. For the memory tests, the BIOS generally uses the keyboard controller to enable A20.
  • Page 109: Run-Time Error Messages

    Troubleshooting and Repair 5-13 Table 5-4 BIOS Beep Codes Beep Diagnostic Description Test Performed Code Code 4-4-3 Math coprocessor test in An integer load and store is performed progress or failure. with the math coprocessor. If the values do not match, an error message will be displayed and POST will continue.
  • Page 110: Quick Troubleshooting

    5-14 Troubleshooting and Repair QUICK TROUBLESHOOTING This section summarizes problems that may develop during system operation and lists sug- gested corrective actions. Table Section 5-6 Quick Troubleshooting Problem Corrective Actions No power Check that the AC adapter is plugged into the power connector of the system.
  • Page 111 Troubleshooting and Repair 5-15 Table 5-6 Quick Troubleshooting Problem Corrective Actions Battery Power does not last Make sure that the power management features are enabled. Recharge the battery pack for 1½ hour before using again. Replace the battery pack. System halts during boot sequence Check condition of selected bootload device (diskette or hard disk) for bad boot track or incorrect OS files.
  • Page 112 5-16 Troubleshooting and Repair Table 5-6 Quick Troubleshooting Problem Corrective Actions PCMCIA card does not work Check the PCMCIA driver installation for any IRQ or IO address conflict. Check if the PCMCIA card is inserted properly and all connections are set. Replace the PCMCIA card.
  • Page 113 Glossary AC Adapter A device that connects a Versa portable computer and an AC wall outlet to provide AC power for running the system or recharging the battery. A/D Conversion The process of converting an analog signal into a digital signal. animation The art of making things appear to move in two-dimensional (2-D) or three-dimensional (3-D) space and making events happen over...
  • Page 114 Basic Input Output System. A collection of primitive computer routines, usually burnt into ROM, that controls the real-time clock, keyboard, disk drives, video display, and other peripheral devices. Binary digit. The smallest unit of computer data. bits per second (bps) A unit of transmission. Also called baud rate. board Printed circuit board.
  • Page 115 CD-ROM reader A computer-controlled device that reads high-capacity optical discs and sends the output to the computer. clock Electronic timer used to synchronize computer operations. CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. A chip that contains nonvolatile memory in the Versa. CMOS is backed up by an internal lithium battery that preserves clock/calendar data and system con- figuration parameters stored in CMOS.
  • Page 116 A value, option, or setting that the computer automatically selects until you direct it otherwise. diskette A thin flexible platter coated with a magnetic material for storing information. diskette drive A magnetic drive that writes on and retrieves data from a diskette. digital audio Recorded sounds such as speech and sound effects.
  • Page 117 extended RAM The area of RAM above the first megabyte of memory in the sys- tem available for enhancing system performance. FM synthesis A technique for synthesizing sound that uses a combination of modulated sine waves to produce different waveforms. function key The set of keys on the keyboard (usually F1 through F12) that let you get help and error message information or quickly select fre-...
  • Page 118 input/output (I/O) The process of transferring data between the computer and external devices. Intelligent Drive Electronics. A hard disk drive type that has con- troller electronics built into the drive and delivers high throughput. interface A connection that enables two devices to communicate. interrupt A special control signal from an I/O device that diverts the attention of the microprocessor from the program to a special address.
  • Page 119 To copy a program into the computer's memory from a storage de- vice. megabyte (MB) 1,048,576 bytes. memory Electronic storage area in a computer that retains information and pro- grams. A computer has two types of memory — read-only memory (ROM) and random access memory (RAM).
  • Page 120 MOdulator-DEModulator. A device that links computers over a tele- phone line. multimedia Computer technology that integrates different forms of media such as sound, text, graphics, and video. nonvolatile memory Storage media that retains its data when system power is turned off.
  • Page 121 parallel printer A printer with a parallel interface. parameter A characteristic of a device or system. password A string of characters that the user must enter before the system allows access or system privileges. PCMCIA A credit card sized peripheral interface standard for portable de- vices.
  • Page 122 In a computer, a functional unit that interprets and executes in- structions. prompt A special symbol indicating the beginning of an input line. Also a message that appears on the screen indicating that the user must take a certain action. Random Access Memory.
  • Page 123 RS-232C Standard interface for serial devices. This port is sometimes re- ferred to as the serial port. scanner An optical device that reads printed material and converts it to a computer screen image. serial interface An interface that communicates information one bit at a time. serial printer A printer with a serial interface.
  • Page 124 Video Graphics Array. Graphics technology that supports up to 256 colors and a graphics resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. volatile memory Storage media that loses its data when system power is turned off. Standard memory and memory that you add to the Versa are vola- tile memory.
  • Page 125 Index Functional block diagram, 3-2 AC adapter, 1-13 AC power adapter, 3-11 Graphics engine, 3-8 Auto power reduction (APR), 2-17 Handling battery packs, 4-3 Backup system disk, 4-2 Hard disk drive, 1-2 Battery charging time, 3-12 Hard disk drive compartment, 1-10 Battery compartment, 1-11 Hard disk subsystem, 3-10 Battery pack specifications, 2-11...
  • Page 126 Index-2 Microprocessor, 3-3 Run-time error messages, 5-13 Model configurations, 1-1 Motherboard specifications, 2-6 Mouse driver, 1-26 Serial port, 1-16 Service telephone numbers, 5-1 Servicing a hard disk, 4-2 Num lock key, 1-7 Servicing the system required tools, 4-4 Shock, 2-18 Software specification, 2-14 Ordering information from FastFacts, 5-2 Static electricity, 4-4...
  • Page 127 Index-3...
  • Page 128 (For United States Use Only) FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION RADIO FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE STATEMENT WARNING: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

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