Installation And User's Guide; Product Description; Using The Adapter; Connecting The Adapter To A Standard Ac Electrical Outlet - Lenovo 02K6699 User Manual

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Installation and user's guide

The Lenovo AC Adapter powers your notebook computer using a standard ac
power cord. It also charges your notebook computer ba ery.

Product description

This package includes:
• One Lenovo AC Adapter
• One standard AC power cord
• Safety information
• User's Guide
The adapter has a cable extending from one end of the adapter that connects to
your notebook computer.

Using the adapter

The power adapter can be connected to a standard AC electrical socket. During
operation, if the power adapter detects a fault, such as a short circuit or high
temperature, the power adapter will shut down automatically to prevent damage.
1. When the adapter shuts down due to a fault it will be latched o until the
fault is removed AND the adapter is disconnected from the power source for
at least 10 seconds.
2. The adapter needs adequate ventilation for proper operation. It is normal for
the adapter to be warm to touch during use.

Connecting the adapter to a standard AC electrical outlet

To use the power adapter with a standard electrical outlet, complete these steps:
1. Plug the smaller end of the AC power cord (see
2. Insert the large end of the cord into the standard electrical outlet, (see
illustration below).
3. Insert the smaller, yellow-tipped connector into the power connector of your
notebook computer (see
computer is charging by checking the power icon on the system tray on the
computer display. The icon displays as a plug if the computer is charging or as
a ba ery if it is not.
in the illustration below). Make sure the notebook
in the illustration below).
in the

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents