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Appendix A. Troubleshooting
Before contacting Service and Support, complete these steps to verify if your
adapter is defective:
1. Inspect your adapter.
a. Inspect case for any damage (for example, cracks, deformations, or exposure
to water).
b. Inspect cables for any damage (for example, cracks, cut, or exposed wiring).
c. If any damage is found, discontinue use of the adapter and contact
Service and Support for replacement parts.
2. Ensure all of the connectors are fi rmly seated at the power receptacle, the input
side of adapter, and the notebook computer.
3. Ensure the adapter has adequate ventilation. The adapter might overheat and
shut down if it is operated too long in a confi ned area.
4. Check the AC receptacle by connecting a known working device (for example,
a lamp). If the AC receptacle is not working, verify that your circuit breaker or
fuse panel.
5. Connect the adapter to your notebook computer:
a. If the adapter immediately shuts off, check your notebook computer
connector for looseness or damage. Try connecting the original AC
adapter to your notebook computer. If the original AC adapter operates
correctly, contact Service and Support for a replacement adapter.
b. If the adapter works for a period of time and then shuts off, check to
ensure that the adapter has proper ventilation. It is normal for the adapter
to feel warm when you touch it.
Note: The adapter is designed to shut down and latch off when a fault is
detected. The fault must be removed AND the adapter must be disconnected for
at least 10 seconds before you can reset the adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for the adapter to be warm during operation?
Yes, it is normal that the adapter will produce heat during operation.
Will it be a problem if the power adapter is covered by papers in an offi ce
Yes. Do not cover the adapter with anything that would prevent heat from
dissipating. The adapter must be exposed to air.
Is the adapter still usable if the case cracks or the power cord breaks?
No. Stop using the adapter. It is unsafe to use it if the case is cracked or the
power cord is broken. Contact Lenovo Service and Support (http://www. immediately.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents