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General safety guidelines

Always observe the following precautions to reduce the risk of injury and
property damage.


Do not attempt to service a product yourself unless instructed to do so by the
Customer Support Center. Use only a service provider who is approved to
repair your particular product.
Note: Some parts can be upgraded or replaced by the customer. These parts
are referred to as Customer Replaceable Units, or CRUs. Lenovo expressly
identifi es CRUs as such, and provides documentation with instructions when
it is appropriate for customers to replace those parts. You must closely follow
all instructions when performing such replacements. Always make sure that
the power is turned off and that the product is unplugged from any power
source before you attempt the replacement. If you have any questions or
concerns, contact the Customer Support Center.

Power cords and power adapters

Use only the power cords and power adapters supplied by the product
Never wrap a power cord around the power adapter or other object. Doing
so can stress the cord in ways that can cause the cord to fray, crack or crimp.
This can present a safety hazard.
Always route power cords so that they will not be walked on, tripped over,
or pinched by objects.
Protect the cord and power adapters from liquids. For instance, do not leave
your cord or power adapter near sinks, tubs, toilets, or on fl oors that are
cleaned with liquid cleansers. Liquids can cause a short circuit, particularly
if the cord or power adapter has been stressed by misuse. Liquids can also
cause gradual corrosion of the power cord terminals and/or the connector
terminals on the adapter which can eventually result in overheating.
Always connect power cords and signal cables in the correct order and ensure
that all power cord connectors are securely and completely plugged into

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents