Operating Precautions; How To Replace The Battery; Installation Precautions - Panasonic AW-PH500 Operating Instructions Manual

Indoor pan/tilt head
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Operating precautions

In addition to the "Safety precautions," please heed the precautions described below.
This pan/tilt head uses a manganese dioxide-lithium battery (CR2032). Be absolutely sure to remove this battery when the
pan/tilt head is to be scrapped or its printed circuit board is to be scrapped. Be absolutely sure to comply with the regulations
applicable in the country concerned that govern the disposal of batteries which have been removed from equipment and
batteries which have been replaced. Do not dispose of this battery as household garbage.

∫How to replace the battery

Remove the panel by removing the six screws on
the side opposite to the one with the rotary arm.
Remove the two screws shown in the figure on the
right, and draw out the circuit board.
Pull down the battery to remove it, and then install a
replacement battery.

Installation precautions

≥ In deciding where to attach the pan/tilt head, give due consideration to the weight of the pan/tilt head and the weight of the
camera to be mounted on it, and select a flat and level location where the pan/tilt head can be firmly secured. Secure the
pan/tilt head firmly so that it will not shake, rock or wobble whether it is stationary or rotating. Read through the installation
procedure and install the pan/tilt head securely.
≥ A camera weighing up to 15 kg can be mounted on the pan/tilt head. A camera weighing more than 15 kg including the
weight of its lens cannot be used.
≥ No screws for attaching the pan/tilt head are provided with the pan/tilt head. Select the screws to be used by giving due
consideration to the location where the pan/tilt head is to be attached and the weight of the camera which will be mounted
on the pan/tilt head.
≥ Do not install the pan/tilt head in an extremely hot or cold location where the temperature will drop below –20 oC or rise
above +60 oC since doing so will give rise to instability in the operation of the pan/tilt head.
≥ To supply power to the pan/tilt head, be sure to use only the AW-PS505 AC adapter designed exclusively for this pan/tilt
≥ The maximum power which can be supplied to the camera is 2 A (DC 12 V).
≥ Do not use your hands to turn the rotating parts.
Doing so may cause malfunctioning.
≥ Before installing the pan/tilt head, be absolutely sure to turn its power off.
≥ Before checking the pan/tilt head's operations and actually using it, always check to ensure that nobody is within the
rotational range of the pan/tilt head.
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