Warranty And After-Sales Service - Panasonic AW-PH500 Operating Instructions Manual

Indoor pan/tilt head
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Warranty and after-sale service
For consultation regarding repairs, handling, maintenance, etc.: Contact your dealer first.
∫ Warranty card (provided separately)
Be certain that you receive the warranty card from your dealer with the date of purchase, name of the store and other
pertinent details correctly filled in. Read carefully through the terms and conditions of the warranty, and then store the
warranty card in a safe place.
Warranty period: One (1) year from the date of purchase
∫ When requesting repairs
First turn off the power, and then contact your dealer.
≥During the warranty period
On-site repairs will be conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty.
≥After the warranty period has expired
Repairs will be conducted as requested at cost to the user for any product whose use can be restored by such repairs.
The critical parts of the indoor pan/tilt head will be kept for at least 8 years after production of the pan/tilt head has been
Note: A "critical part" is a part which is required in order to maintain the product's functions.
≥Repair charge breakdown
Repair charges consist of the technical charges, cost of the parts and travel expenses, etc.
Technical charges: These are levied on the work involved in diagnosis, repairing the problem or malfunctioning,
replacing the parts, making the necessary adjustments, conducting the inspections upon
completion of the repairs, etc.
Cost of parts:
This is the cost of the parts and auxiliary materials used for the repairs.
Travel expenses:
These are levied when a service engineer is dispatched to the location of the product.
(please read carefully)


Table of Contents

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