Attaching The Pan/Tilt Head; Assembling The Pan/Tilt Head - Panasonic AW-PH500 Operating Instructions Manual

Indoor pan/tilt head
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Attaching the pan/tilt head

(Be absolutely sure to ask your dealer to do this work.)

∫Assembling the pan/tilt head

¥ Attaching the rotary arm
Use the rotary arm anchoring screws (a8, supplied),
rotary arm anchoring flat washers (a8, supplied) and
rotary arm anchoring springwashers (a8, supplied) to
attach the rotary arm (supplied) to the pan/tilt head.
Tighten up the screws securely to prevent the arm from
coming loose during use.
¥ Setting the cable compensation circuit
A maximum length of up to 500 meters is allowed for the
cables (including the video camera control cable)
between the pan/tilt head and controller when the 5C-2V
cables are used. However, if the cable length is to
exceed 300 meters, set the cable compensation circuit to
ON by following the steps below.
Remove the six screws on the side opposite to the
connector panel of the pan/tilt head pedestal, and
pull the panel out toward you.
Set the switch on the printed circuit board attached
to the panel to ON.
Return the panel to its original position, and anchor
it using the screws. (Fasten the panel securely.)
Rotary arm
anchoring Spring
washer (a a 8)
Rotary arm
anchoring Flat
washer (a a 8)
Rotary arm
anchoring screws
(a a 8)
Rotary arm
Screws (a a 6)
Circuit board for cable
compensation circuit


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents