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Pressure sensor
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● Do not use these sensors under any circumstances in which the range of their ratings, environment conditions or other specifications are
exceeded. Using the sensors in any way which causes their specifications to be exceeded may generate abnormally high levels of heat,
emit smoke, etc., resulting in damage to the circuitry and possibly causing an accident.
● Before connecting a connector, check the pin layout by referring to the connector wiring diagram, specifications diagram, etc., and make
sure that the connector is connected properly. Take note that mistakes made in connection may cause unforeseen problems in operation,
generate abnormally high levels of heat, emit smoke, etc., resulting in damage to the circuitry.
● Do not use any motion sensor which has been disassembled or remodeled.
● Protection circuit recommended.
The possible failure mode is either open or short of the output transistor.
An ecess heat is the cause for short mode failure. For any important and serious application in terms of safety, add protection circuit or any
other protection method.
• Various safety equipment and safety equipment
• Traffic light
• Security crime prevention equipment
• Equipment concerning control and safety of trains, cars, etc.
• Applications such as temperature control using sensor output etc.
● If it is expected that malfunction of each sensor may cause injury to persons or serious expansion damage, be sure to implement safety
measures such as double safety circuit.
The products and specifications listed in this document are subject to change for product improvement, etc. (including specification changes
and discontinued manufacturing). When examining mass-production design or placing an order for the listed products, please contact
Panasonic to make sure that the information listed in this document is up-to-date.
● If it is expected that malfunction of each sensor may cause injury to persons or serious expansion damage, be sure to implement safety me
Reference Standards : Computers, office automation equipment, communications equipment, audio-video products, home electrical appliances,
machine tools, personal devices, industrial robots.
Special Standards
: Transportation equipment (automobiles, trains, ships, etc.), traffic signal equipment, crime and disaster prevention devices,
electric power equipment, various safety devices, and medical equipment not directly targeted for life support
Specified Standards : Aircraft equipment, aeronautical and space equipment, seabed relay equipment, nuclear power control systems, and
medical equipment, devices and systems for life support.
● Before considering the use of our products under the following conditions, you must contact one of our customer service representatives
without fail and exchange written specifications.
• When our products are to be used in any of the applications listed for the Special Standards or Specified Standards.
• When, even for any of the applications listed for the Reference Standards, our products may possibly be used beyond the range of the
specifications, environment or conditions listed in the document or when you are considering the use of our products in any conditions or
an environment that is not listed in the document.
[Acceptance Inspection]
For a purchased or delivered product, please conduct an acceptance inspection promptly with adequate consideration given to the
management and maintenance of the product before and during the acceptance inspection.
[Warranty Period]
The warranty period of these products is one year after the purchase or delivery to a location designated by your company, unless otherwise
specified by both parties.
[Scope of Warranty]
If a failure or a defect attributable to Panasonic is found during the warranty period, we will promptly provide a replacement or a necessary
replacement part or change/repair the defective part free of charge at the location of the purchase or delivery.
The warranty does not cover a failure or a defect when any of the following applies :
(1) Caused by specifications, standards, or handling methods, etc. designated by your company.
(2) Caused by modification of the structure, capabilities, or specifications, etc., in which Panasonic is not engaged, carried out after the
purchase or delivery.
(3) Caused by an unforeseen phenomenon that cannot be predicted with the technologies available after the time of the purchase or at the
time of concluding the agreement.
(4) When the product was used outside the scope of the conditions/environments described in the catalog or specifications.
(5) When the product is incorporated in your company's equipment for use, damages that could be avoided if your company's equipment
had industry-standard functions, structures, etc.
(6) Caused by natural disasters or Force Majeure.
The warranty described here is limited to the purchased or delivered product only and does not cover any consequential damages arising
from the failure or defect of the product.
[Before Purchase]
● The standard prices of the products listed in this catalog do not include consumption tax, delivery, installation & adjustment fees, used
product collection fees, etc.
● The specifications/appearance are subject to change without notice for product improvement.
● The export of products that fall into the category of strategic goods (or services) require an export (or a service transaction) license under
the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Please contact Panasonic for details.
● For details of the products listed in this catalog, please contact distributors, specialty contractor stores, or Panasonic.
Design and specifications are each subject to change without notice. Ask factory for the current technical specifications before purchase and/or use.
Should a safety concern arise regarding this product, please be sure to contact us immediately.

Safety precautions

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents