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Configuring And Troubleshooting Interfaces; Initial Configuration; Configuring An Interface - Cisco 12000 Series Installation And Configuration Manual

Cisco systems atm line card installation and configuration
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Configuring and Troubleshooting Interfaces

Configuring and Troubleshooting Interfaces
The following sections provide procedures for configuring and troubleshooting the ATM line card.

Initial Configuration

To display current port configuration information, use the show running-config command. During
power-on, the interface on a new ATM line card is shut down. To enable the interface, you must enter a
no shutdown command in configuration mode. When the ATM line card is enabled (taken out of
shutdown) with no additional configuration commands applied, the default interface configuration file
parameters listed in
Table 13
Maximum transmission unit (mtu)
Maximum numbers of virtual circuits
Internal clock
SONET framing
To enter a no shutdown command for the ATM line card interface or to change the configuration of the
interface, you must enter configuration mode by using the configure privileged EXEC command.

Configuring an Interface

After you verify that the new ATM line card is installed correctly, use the configure command to
configure the new interface. Be prepared with the information that you will need, such as the interface
IP address.
The following procedure is for creating a basic configuration-enabling an interface and specifying IP
routing. You might also need to enter other configuration subcommands, depending on the requirements
for your router configuration.
(For descriptions of configuration subcommands and the configuration options available, refer to the
appropriate software publications in the
ATM Line Card Installation and Configuration
Table 13
are used.
ATM Line Card Default Configuration Values
Configuration File Entry
[no] mtu bytes
atm maxvc
[no] loopback [diagnostic | line]
atm clock internal
atm sonet stm-4 or
atm sonet stm-1
"Cisco IOS Software Release Requirements" section on page
Default Value
4470 bytes
no loopback
line clock:
no atm clock internal
SONET framing:
no atm sonet stm-4
no atm sonet stm-1


Table of Contents

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